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Why ‘we all’ love Turkey

20th November 2013

There are so many endless reasons why we all love Turkey and for those of you that know Turkey well, will understand what those reasons are….

After all, there are many Expats that live here and even more of us who choose to travel here for our summer holidays. Some even returning year after year. 

So what exactly is our love affair with this exotic place?

(Apart from the obvious gorgeous weather) Let us explore other reasons that make Turkey the No.1 choice for so many people.

It’s a diverse country
Turkey spans two continents and is literally at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, so it is no wonder Turkey is so incredibly diverse. It is a country filled with different cultures, histories, landscapes, ancient and modern cities and rural lifestyles – It really does cater for all. And any historian, nature lover, adventure, beach goer, culture vulture and shopaholic will be spoilt for choice! This country will truly delight anyone who visits - without disappointment!

Epic history
Turkey’s past really is a ‘treasure trove’ for history buffs! And you can discover many historic episodes within it’s long history, including; The Ottoman sultans and harems, The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Christians and The Hittites, to name a few.

Natural beauty
As well as incredible city landscapes and picturesque towns; like Fethiye, Turkey has some of the worlds most stunning natural scenery – The famous and very beautiful ‘OluDeniz’ resort, the rock formations of ‘Cappadocia’ and the warm waters of the Kas / Kalkan Coastline are just a few examples of the outstanding naturally beauty found in Turkey.

The food
Turkish cuisine excels beyond the stereotypical ‘greasy doner’ that we're all used to in the UK and instead offers a wide range of traditional specialties.
 However, while you can still expect to find the usual stereotypical exotic spices, bazaars, Turkish delight, yoghurt and water pipes. You will also find good Turkish food specialties, like; mouth watering seafood dishes, (real Turkish) kebabs, roast meat, syrupy baklava, simit (round bread with sesame seeds), dolma (vine leaves stuffed with rice) and a variety of Mediterranean meze’s. 

Tip: To try real Turkish food, go where the locals eat

The warm people
Turks are known for their warm and friendly ways and they are very helpful to each other and other foreigners. And it’s this hospitality; friendliness and warmth from the people that will always bring holidaymakers back to this amazing country.

Turkish people are also very trusting and it’s not uncommon to be told by a local shop owner, “buy now and pay me later, no problem” – even without a deposit, phone number or even an address! These laid back attitudes are very inspiring. 

However, like any country in the world, you will always find the occasional ‘bad egg’ and Turkey is no exception, but generally turkey is a very safe place and a good destination for families.

Turkey is one of the top destinations for holidaymakers in the UK and with its fantastic weather, tasty food, amazing sights and beautiful landscapes; it’s easy to see why.

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