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Tips for Healthy Drains - Turkey

27th September 2017

None of us want our drains to become blocked. Tell tale signs such as smells, water draining away slowly and signs of a leak can be an indication that you have a problem. Unfortunately, many drain problems are not noticeable until it’s too late, then you will need to call out a drainage expert. 

Here are a few tips to keep your drains healthy

1)    Use a sink strainer or drain guard in your kitchen sink and bathroom (sink, shower and bath) drains. This will help prevent any unwanted items such as food, coffee grounds, tea leaves, hair, cotton buds and chunks of soap etc from going down your drains

2)    Do not put fat, oil or grease down the kitchen sink. Pour the unwanted fat and oil into a glass jar and when it solidifies throw away the jar. Alternatively, let the fat and grease set in the pan and wipe with a kitchen towel and dispose in the bin

3)    Take care what you flush down the toilet. Even if it disappears from view it may have got stuck further down the pipe, causing a partial blockage and not allowing other items to flow away. Toilet paper is made to go down the toilet but kitchen towel, wet wipes, nappies, nappy liners, sanitary products, rubbish, dead pets etc are not

4)    Make sure that outside drains and grills are kept clean from rubbish, leaves, garden waste etc. Do not cover the drains and grills with flower pots and bins etc rain water needs to run away freely

5)    Make sure that plants and trees are not planted to close to the drainage system as they may cause damage to the pipes

Regularly throw the items collected in the sink strainer or drain guard to help water flow away freely

Use a bacteriological drain cleaner, every few months, to help maintain the drains

Put boiling water down the drains once a week, this helps prevent the build up of oils on the inside of the pipes

If you have a garbage disposal unit clean it out at least once a month

If you wash your pets in you bath or sink use a drain guard or sink strainer to catch the animal hair and dirt that washes out




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