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TURKISH CONDOMINIUM LAW – Questions and Answers

10th October 2017


We have compiled a list of questions, with answers, we have been asked regarding Turkish Condominium Law.

Q) What is Turkish Condominium Law?
A) When you own or rent a property in Turkey (concerning certain properties) you automatically become part of how the entire block or housing estate is run. This is known as 'Turkish condominium law'.
Condominium law concerns private properties, businesses and other types of property where owners own a freehold share of the wider property or land.

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Q) Does a member of the board have to be an Owner (Tapu Holder) on the complex?
A) No – members of the board are not restricted to Owners on the site. An outsider can be a manager or board member

Q) How many members should be on the board?
A) There can be one Manager or 3 members of the management board

Q) Can one or more members of the board be elected for more than one year?
A) The board members can only be elected for 1 year and then need to be re-elected

Q) How many auditors should there be?
A) Only one auditor is required

Q) At the AGM (Annual General Meeting) can the chairman be an outsider?
A) Any of the attendees of the meeting can be the chairman

Q) Must all Owners listed on the Tapu sign the PoA (Power of Attorney) given it at the AGM?
A) Any of the Owners can appoint a proxy to act and vote of their behalf

Q) If our site employs a manager what do we need to do?
A) If the site employs a manager you will need to give him an employment contract, pay their SGK, Wages, and pay national holidays

Q) Can the Site give a lump sum payment to the manager in recognition for their services?
A) Yes the site can give the manager a lump sum payment and this must be recorded in the committee books

Q) I live in a complex of houses and some are in disrepair, what legal rights have I to insist that they are repaired please?
A) Under a site committee and condominium law you can force a property owner on your complex to maintain the up keep their property.
The committee has to give the owner of the property written notice of this

Q)  I am sure that I have read that above a certain number(8) it is mandatory to be a site if built on same plot. I thought it was in the Condominium act but cannot see anything.
A) If you have 8 properties on a site, then yes, a Condominium will need to be established

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