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12th October 2017

The summer is nearly over and many of us will be leaving our Turkish homes until next year. Here are some tips for securing your home for winter:

1)    Turn off the water and drain the pipes to prevent burst pipes and flooding

2)    Move more valuable items, such as TVs, away from windows so they cannot be seen easily from outside

3)    Unplug electrical items, especially ones that use a remote control. Remove the batteries from remote controls

4)    Empty, defrost and turn off the fridge and freezer. Wipe it clean and remove excess water. Leave the doors open so it doesn’t go mouldy and smell

5)    Ask a friend, neighbour or property management company to regularly check the property especially after adverse weather conditions. Also ask them to air the property regularly when the weather is good

6)    Make sure that any door and window security bolts are in place

7)     If you are leaving the electric on, put some lights on timers so that they turn on and off at regular times

8)    If you have an alarm system make sure that it is working and has been activated

9)    Have your roof checked to make sure there are no problems that could lead to internal damage in adverse weather conditions

10)    Remove dead trees or overhanging branches that could damage your home

11)    Thoroughly clean your home including the oven to prevent unwanted bugs and insects

12)    Check weather strips, insulation on exterior doors and windows to make sure that water or insects cannot get in

13)    If you have a chimney consider putting on a chimney cap or chimney guard so that birds and small mammals cannot go down the chimney

14)    Store and cover any outside furniture, take inside if possible

15)    If you have your own pool, close it down for winter, drain and remove the pool equipment. Store the pump in a dry place. Drop the water level, to try and prevent over flowing when it rains, and apply winter chemicals help prevent the water going green. Drain the water from the pool plumbing to try and avoid it freezing and cracking



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