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12th October 2017

Winter is fast approaching and now is the time to get your garden ready before the bad weather starts.
Here are some tips to help prepare your garden for winter:

1)    Remove any annual plants (plants that have a life cycle of only one year) that have finished flowering. Prepare flower beds for spring time by removing all weeds, dig over the soil and add compost. Cover the flower beds in mulch to stop the loose soil washing away in the heavy rains

2)    Cut back the perennial plants (plants that live for more than two years) and remove any dead foliage leaves and weeds. If there is not too much rain perennial plants will need watering occasionally
3)    Trees and shrubs – prune the branches to keep or improve the shape. Remove any dead and damaged branches or any branches with diseases. Trim the hedges for the final time before the frosts start

4)    If you have potted plants that are sensitive to the cold weather, move them to a sheltered place or into a greenhouse or conservatory

5)    If plants, trees or shrubs need protecting for winter you can wrap them in burlap, tarps or garden fabric. Old sheets and blankets could also be used. Make sure that the material protecting the plants, trees and shrubs do not touch them as the material can get wet and freeze and therefore cause damage. If using plastic round a wooden frame remove the plastic and frame daytime to allow air circulation and put back at night

6)    Depending on how cold it gets your palm trees may need to be protected in winter. If they are in pots taken them inside but make sure they get plenty of light. Small palm trees can be covered by a box or blanket but do not cover for more than 5 days. Small palms can also be covered with straw or mulch but remove the covering when the weather warms up. Larger palm trees may need wrapping and there are four different methods generally used – Christmas lights (not LED), chicken wire, pipe insulation or heat tape

7)    Remove thatch and moss from your lawn to enable it to breathe and grow freely. A lot of moss could mean you have a drainage problem on your lawn. Go over with a lawn spike aerator or garden fork to aid drainage. A lawn moss killer and special autumn lawn feed will also help

8)    Plant your spring bulbs before the winter starts

9)    Once the plants have been cut back check and carry out any maintenance required to garden structures such as fences, summerhouses and greenhouses. Watch out for insect infestations, rodents and rotting timbers

10)    Turn off irrigation systems and drain the pipes so that water does not freeze. Drain hose pipes and store them in sheds

11)    If you have a pond or water feature autumn time is a good time to clean it if it has not been cleaned for a few years. Cover ponds temporarily with netting to catch falling leaves. If you have fish in your pond try to ensure that the water’s surface does not freeze over

12)    Clean and store away garden maintenance equipment. Sharpen secateurs and shears, get the lawn mower and other mechanical equipment serviced. Clean tools, dry them and oil metal parts to prevent rust




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