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9th November 2017

Our local traders top tips for preparing your swimming pool for the Turkish winter months.

The summer is now over and even though the sun is still shining for many of us it is too cold to swim in our swimming pools.

We have spoken to Sinan Gölbaşı one of YellAli’s recommended swimming pool specialists to find out what we can do with our swimming pools over winter.

Sinan has advised us that we have two options:

The first option is to close the pool for winter. You will need to drop the water level to approx half way; this is done to stop the pool from over flowing during the heavy rains over the winter months. To drop the pool level you will need to turn the tap on the pump to waste. Once the water level has dropped turn off and remove the pump. Store the pump in a dry place. Apply the winter chemical (copper sulphate) to the water, 30 litres should be sufficient. The winter chemical stops the water going green and algae growing. Once you have applied the winter chemical it is NOT safe to go into the water or swim in the pool.

The second option is for those who still wish to use the pool during the winter months. The pool motor needs to be run for at least 1 hour every 1 to 3 days and a winter maintenance tablet applied. Once a week the pool will need a full clean, the same as you would do on a daily basis during the summer. The pool will be safe to use during the winter months.






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