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14th November 2017

According to our law, there are two principles for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.


By birth

After Birth.


Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by birth

According to our law, there are two principles for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by birth. These princples are;

Turkish citizenship by paternity,

Acquisition by birth place.


It is necessary to have one of the following conditions to acquire Turkish citizenship by paternity:

Either father or mother is a Turkish Republic Citizen when the person to be acquire citizenship is born 

When a person to be acquire citizenship is born, if the father is Turkish citizen but the mother is a foreigner, then it must be proven that the child is connected to his father by familial link. In another words, the fact that a person to be is the child of mentioned father must be proven according to the provisions of Law No. 5718 on International Private Law and Procedural Law.

While examining the existence of the above two situations; it does not matter whether the born child was born in a marriage union or whether the birth took place in Turkey.

If a citizen application is made for the mentioned child after the child reaches age of eighteen, it shall be determined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs if the child carries the above mentioned conditions or not. If the decision made by the ministry is positive, the foreigner shall have obtained Turkish citizenship from birth. If the decision is negative, the application is rejected.


If the citizenship was acquired by birthplace, in situations mentioned below the person born in Turkey will acquire citizenship through ‘acquisiton by birthplace’ clause:

Father or mother is not known,

Is stateless,

If the person cannot acquire citizenship through familial link to the father or mother according to the national law.


Acquistion of Turkish Citizenship after birth

There are three main ways to acquire Turkish Citizenship after birth. These ways are;

By decision of the competent authority,

Adoption by Turkish citizen,

More information about Turkish Citizenship can be found here:-

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Written by ZİYA UGUR for YellAli

Content by YellAli - (All Copyright is protected and owned by YellAli - This content may NOT be copied & distributed by another third party, unless appropriate accreditation is given). 

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