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Updated - Buying and registering a new or second-hand vehicle as a foreigner in Turkey

18th April 2018

 As of 01.02.2018 the notary public offices do no longer just prepare the deed of sale but have also taken over the vehicle registration from the traffic police.  Here’s the updated information:
Buying and registering a new or second-hand vehicle as a foreigner in Turkey

Every foreigner who officially resides in Turkey (with a valid residence permit) is entitled to purchase and register in his/her name motorized vehicles (actually this also includes private yachts, but that’s a different issue). Buyer and seller both must have registered addresses (to be checked via e-devlet or through the local nüfus müdürlüğü/civil registry). The right of usage of a foreign owned vehicle is restricted to the owner, his/her spouse and children.

As of 01.02.2018 the district traffic police offices are no longer involved in the procedure of registering new or second-hand vehicles. The registration and delivery of the car papers are all done by notary public offices. This has considerably simplified the process and also made it cheaper. The notary fee including the new vehicle documents is 182 TL.

Foreign buyers/sellers, please note:
For any procedure at the notary office, the foreign party must present a notarized passport (or ID card) translation besides the residence permit.
When a foreigner buys a new vehicle no interpreter is required, but for second-hand sales/purchase procedures the assistance of an official translator is required.
While it is absolutely necessary to have a valid residence permit for the purchase of a motorized vehicle, for the sale of a vehicle the foreigner ID number (Yabancı Kimlik numarası) may be sufficient, a valid residence permit is not necessarily required.

Before meeting the buyer at the notary the seller should have checked whether the system will accept the sale of the vehicle. In case a penalty or an instalment of the vehicle tax (due every 6 months) has not been paid the system will refuse the transaction.

When a foreigner buys a vehicle from a Turk or sells a vehicle to a Turk, the number plate must be changed, because vehicles registered in the name of a foreigner get a different number plate than vehicles owned by a Turk. On the plate the number of the province (34 = Istanbul, 07 = Antalya, 48 = Muğla) where the vehicle owner is registered is followed by two letters starting with ‘M’ (MA, MB, MC etc.). The letter ‘M’ is the distinguishing characteristic for a vehicle owned by a foreigner.
The old (current) number plates must be screwed off and delivered to the notary.

The actual second-hand sale:
The notary clerk enters all information (names and ID numbers of seller and buyer, vehicle registration details, agreed sales price) into the online (ARTES) system. Once all information is entered correctly, the system produces a sales agreement which is signed by both parties. Then, the system delivers a document with the new plate number, which entitles the buyer to have his number plates printed at the local Chamber of Drivers/Şoförler Odası (subject to a fee).
The system then prints the new car/motorbike papers. With this document, the new owner can purchase the compulsory traffic insurance. 


Written by Annette HANİSCH - YellAli Consultant

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