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UPDATE - Recent change to the conversion of foreign driving licenses:

10th May 2018

Recent change to the conversion of foreign driving licenses

Foreign residents who have tried to make an online appointment with the traffic police’s website with the intention of converting their foreign license into a Turkish license, may have noticed that the related link does not work. The reason for the failure is:

Driving licenses are no longer issued by the police.
The process has been transferred to the Public Registration Offices or Nüfus Müdürlüğü which exist in every district/ilçe. These offices were already in charge of delivering Turkish ID cards, but as of 2.4.2018 they have also started issuing passports and driving licenses. Appointments for passport, ID card and driving license applications are all made online via one website  (only in Turkish) or through the Public Registration Directorate’s hotline 199 (providing service in Turkish, English and German).

In time, this will certainly become an improvement, as citizens’ information and fingerprints are collected at one single office. For the moment it is rather chaotic, as the Nüfus Müdürlüğü offices are completely overwhelmed by all the work, especially with address registrations due to elections coming up on June 24th.
For the moment it is impossible to make online appointments for foreigners, because the website does not yet accept Foreign ID numbers, but the 199 hotline works and I have been told that applicants may also just show up at any Nüfus Müdürlüğü to submit their conversion file.

The requirements haven’t changed - SEE ARTICLE - but please note that 2018 fees and taxes have:
Driving license card fee:        134,00 TL
Tax for B (car) category license:    495,70 TL
Tax for A, A1, A2 (motorbike):    164,40 TL
Donation to police foundation:      25,00 TL


As soon as the online appointment system is properly working we will give a full update on the conversion procedure.

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