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UPDATE - habitation certificate/amnesty

29th June 2018

Construction Registration Certificate will be issued for buildings made before 31/12/2017 and if the application for Building Registration Certificate is made by 31/10/2018, the price of Building Registration Certificate will have to be paid by 31.12.2018. If the Council of Ministers deems it necessary, the application and payment period shall be extended by one year. For the Building Registration Certificate, any of the building owners or their deputies may apply through the e-Government by filling out the Building Registration Form in the Building Registration System, or by applying to the institutions and organizations. If the application is made via e-Government, the Building Registration Certificate established by the Building Registration System will be received via the e-Government after the completion of the Building Registration Certificate form and the deposit of the Building Registration Certificate.
In case the application is made to the institutions and organizations, the Building Registration Certificate form will be filled in completely according to the declaration of the applicant, the Building Registration Certificate will be deposited, the Building Registration Certificate form will be sent to the Directorate for approval via the system and a sample will be given to the building after the form is approved by the Directorate. Only one building registration document will be issued for each building.
Some of the buildings have been excluded from the scope of the building registration certificate together with this notification. Accordingly, Building Registration Certificate;
- Within the boundaries of the Bosphorus coast line defined in the Bosphorus Law dated 18/11/1983 and numbered 2960, the boundaries and coordinates of the boundaries and the coordinates are shown on the list with the sketch added to the kanun mentioned in accordance with the Provisional Article 16 of the Law No. 3194,
- In the sketch of the historical peninsula of Istanbul attached to the kanun mentioned in paragraph 16 of the Provisional Article 16 of the Law No. 3194 and the boundaries and coordinates of the listed areas,
- The date on which the Gallipoli Historical Area Presidency dated 19/5/2014 and No. 6546 dated to date (e)
- On third-party private property subject immovables,
- Structured Registration Certificate shall not be issued about the structures on the immovable properties of the Treasury allocated to the related institutions to be evaluated for the same purpose by the Ministry of Finance as a result of the finalized plans.
The Building Registration Certificate will be valid until the reconstruction of the building or the application of the urban transformation and the provisions of the zoning legislation in force will be applied in case of renewing of the buildings. Constitution durability and construction will violate the standards and standards of science and art will be the responsibility of the building owner.

All this information about the documents can be obtained from the municipality where the property is located.
When all required documents are collected without any missing, the applicant will be required to pay the fee for application as the fee will be determined by municipality.
Subsequently, the application will be sent to the Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning for approval. After the approval,  a copy of application will be submitted to the applicant.

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