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e-Visa Guide - Applying for a Turkish e-Visa

17th January 2014

We where first introduced to the Turkish e-Visa back in May 2013 and where given a year to understand what it was and how it worked. The one year period has nearly finished and the 'sticker type' visa (purchased by holidaymakers) is now coming to an end and will be totally replaced by the new e-Visa system.

The new e-Visa will come into affect on the 10th of April this year and will be fully adopted by boarder control points across Turkey.

Please also see:- E-Visa Update 2014 (new)

Here is YellAli's guide to applying for a Turkish e-Visa :-

e-Visa - 1. Apply - 2. Make payment - 3. Download

Firstly, please go to the official Turkish government website for the e-Visa:-

Click 'apply' ---> then select your nationality 'i.e british' - (Please scroll down to 'United Kingdom') and select your travel document type - for most people this is 'ordinary passport' ---> After, please input the security verification code and press 'Save and Continue'

You will then be directed to a new page and prompted to select your 'Arrival Date in Turkey' ----> Once you have entered your dates, press 'save and continue'
(You will notice a calendar showing your e-Visa's start date & end date - over a period of 180 days)

Please remember the 90/180 day Turkish visa rule - Maximum of 90 days in Turkey out of every 180 days.

For more information about this please see; 90/180 day tourist visa for Turkey

Making your application - you are required to give the following information;

Given Name(s)
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Mother's First Name
Father's First Name
Passport Number
Passport Issue Date
Passport Expiry Date
E-mail address
Phone Number

Once you have entered the above information, press 'save and continue' ---> Then 'Verify' your details (verify / edit)

You will then see the following message:-

"Your application has been successfully completed.
You have completed the first step of your application. A confirmation e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address. Now, please click the link in the e-mail message, follow the instructions and proceed with the payment. If you did not receive an e-mail message, click the button below to resend."

You will receive a confirmation email from e-Visa "E-mail address verification message"
Please note : The confirmation needs to be made within 1 hour, otherwise your application will be cancelled.
(you will need to make a new application)

Please open your email from e-Visa and select 'Approve' - You will now be directed to a payment page, whereby you will enter your payment card details.
(visa or mastercard only)

Once you have entered your credit card details and the process is completed you can now download your e-Visa - Done!

Most frequently asked questions;

My current visa is still valid (sticker visa) do I need to purchase a new e-Visa?

No, the e-Visa is only required for anyone entering Turkey without a valid visa (from the 10th of April)

Can I make one application for all my family / friends?
Yes, 'family' and 'group' applications allow up to 10 people traveling together to apply under the family e-Visa application and up to 100 people (e.g tour groups, large wedding parties etc) to apply under the group application.
These application types will require only one bulk payment at the end of the process.

How much is an e-Visa?
The e-Visa costs just 20 USD per application

Does the e-Visa apply to British Citizens only?
No, many other countries are required to purchase an e-Visa. For the full list of countries, please see here

When can I apply for my e-Visa?
You can apply for your e-Visa 24 hours before your departure. However, you are advised to make an application at least one week before your departure.

More F.A.Q's about e-Visa can be found on YellAli's advice page ---> Ali's Advice ---> e-Visa Turkey

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