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Moving to Turkey and what you need to know

26th January 2014

Moving abroad can be an exciting new adventure, but it can also be a confusing experience.

If you are moving to Turkey, here is some important information you need to know;

1. Turkish Residency permit - This is a permit granted to all foreign nationals, allowing them permission to reside in Turkey. 
Please note: Having a Turkish residency permit is a requirement for the following;

- Shipping personal items to Turkey
- Registering a land-line telephone/internet.

How to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit?

2. Turkish Tax number - You will need to have this in order to do such things as; open a Turkish bank account, register utility bills in your own name, paying Turkish land/council taxes and applying for a Turkish driving license.

How to apply for a Turkish Tax Number?

3. Habitation certificate – (for property owners) A habitation certificate or living permission is a document verifying that your property is constructed in accordance with regulations and that the construction has been completed to meet building legislation.
Your tapu (title deed) process is really only complete once you have received your certificate of habitation.

What is a Habitation Certificate?

4. Yabanci Kimlik number – (Once you have a Turkish residency permit you can obtain your yabanci kimlik number)
This translates to, Foreigner Identity Number (FIN). This number is issued to all foreigners who hold a residency permit. And is required for:

• Obtaining a Turkish driving license
• Tax identification
• public notary proceedings
• Purchase and sale of real estate
• Obtaining and renewing insurance policies
• Bank accounts and transactions

How do I apply for a Yabanci Kimlik Number?

5. Health insurance – Health insurance is now compulsory for anyone wishing to apply for a Turkish residence permit.
The Turkish government health insurance, SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) can be purchased for approximately 255tl per month.
(please note; you must hold a Turkish residence permit before you can apply for SGK)

Under the SGK health insurance you are entitled to free healthcare in the state hospitals and clinics. Coverage includes most health problems including operations, treatments, and pregnancy.

Private health policies can also be purchased.

Turkish private insurance companies

How do I apply for SGK health insurance?

6. Shipping your furniture - 
There are various companies that will ship your goods to Turkey.

We recommend : AFC International Home Movers

Once they have arrived at the Turkish port of entry you need to go there to collect your goods or issue a power of attorney for someone to collect your items on your behalf.

How to ship your furniture to Turkey?

7. Bringing your pets to Turkey
 - You can bring your pets to Turkey as long as you obtain a “live animals health/vaccination certificate”.
If you have the required documentation, each person, may bring one cat, one bird, one dog and ten aquarium fish into the country.

How to bring your pet to Turkey?

8. Making a will
 - It is not law to have a will in Turkey but it is strongly advisable for a person owning a property to have a will to avoid any complications that may arise from not having a will in place.

9. Paying your utility bills - 
For full information about paying your utility bills or registering your electricity, water, phone & internet services. Please see;

Utilities & Services in Turkey

For more information about moving to Turkey; check out Ali’s Advice Q & A’s or join YellAli for free and keep up to date with; New law changes, latest news in Turkey and much more.

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