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How to gain Turkish citizenship through investment

20th September 2018

As of September 2018 the law on foreigners obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment has changed.

Official Gazette Dated September 19 2018 

Issue 30540;

Decision number 106

The Republic of Turkey now grants citizenship for –

Foreigners who invest $250,000 in immovable property in Turkey

Making a fixed capital investment for of at least 500,000 USD

Investing at least 500.000 USD deposit into a bank account in Turkey provided that it must be kept for three years

Generating at least 50 new employments


For obtaining citizenship through investment, the applicant must first obtain investor residence permit.

Property purchased for the purpose of obtaining Turkish Citizenship cannot be sold for 3 years.

The applicant's spouse and children under 18 years old will also be granted with Turkish citizenship.

Once Turkish citizenship is granted, you do not need to reside in Turkey.

After 3 years, if you deice to sell your property your Turkish Citizenship will remain and your children will be born as Turkish Citizens.


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How do i apply for Turkish citizenship?



We provide legal assistance for Turkish Citizenship applications - Please contact YellAli to arrange a meeting with a legal representive.

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