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Save Money On You Heating Bills In Turkey - Reseal Windows

8th November 2018

Resealing Windows Tips and Advice…


Winter has arrived here in Turkey and along with it comes the rain and storms.  A common problem people seem to find is leaking windows, without adequate or sometimes any sealing in place.

It’s not that uncommon for windows to leak but it’s less easy to judge whether it’s worth attempting a window seal repair or if it’s simply time to have the entire window replaced.

Finances may determine which is your best option but there is a certain point when it becomes more cost effective to replace rather than repair.
Here are some useful tips when making your decisions;

Inspect Windows

Fixing a seal is an easier job, but quite often the seal isn’t the only problem, especially if the windows are old.  As well as looking for gaps around the window fitting, check for any other problem areas like broken or cracked glass panes or panels, gaps or cracks in the window putty.  Make sure the shield above the window is in place and the trims are not decayed.

Mould growth caused by condensation is a warning that your heating, structural insulation or ventilation may need improving


If your inspection only finds a few gaps around the window edges its best to get a resealing job done before it starts to deteriorate.
Pay attention to where the window meets the siding, look for gaps and check whether drafts are coming through.
Large gaps need to be packed with insulating foam before being sealed with caulking.
It’s vital the whole area is dry before you start any repairs, or it can result in damp or mould. When getting work done it is best to fix any other repairs at the same time.


If your windows are suffering from several problems its often more economical to replace the entire window or frames.

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