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Health care know how in Turkey

11th February 2013 , Adana, Aladağ

The healthcare system in Turkey is divided into two camps of state and private hospitals.
The main difference between the two is cost of the care, with state hospitals charging lower (but still good quality) consultation fees.

Private hospital care comes into a higher price and a high standard of consultation.
In the UK we all know that it is common to wait for hours to seen been in casualty or to see a specialist consultant (no one loves the dreaded waiting lists).

However, here in Turkey waiting lists don’t really exist.
No, here, you can just show up and book yourself in at reception at your local state or private hospital and be seen with half an hour (or so).
The system here moves at a much faster pace (which is unusual given the Med pace of life) when it comes to both access and delivery of healthcare in state or private hospitals.

A friend of mine who has an ongoing medical condition speaks extremely highly of state and private healthcare.
After feeling unwell she went to hospital and was diagnosed and began her treatment “on the same day”.
And when her test results came back she received a personal phone call from the consultant, who explained each test result and how her treatment and hospital stay would proceed.
She even has her specialist consultant’s mobile number on speed dial. So she can call if she has any questions (now that’s what I call good customer service).
And if you need any kind of tests doing here, you can just book in and get a full screening and results on the same or following day.

Unlike in the UK, where you’ve got to see a GP, followed by a wait for a letter of referral to get access to a medical specialist.

Hospitals also provide translators for English patients; they are on hand to translate throughout the consultation so that nothing is lost in translation!
My friend was also keen to tell me that anyone over 65 or in a wheelchair gets to” jump the queue” in casualty!
Overall it seems that healthcare here in Turkey is spot on, efficient, fast and customer service focussed.
I for one am very happy to hear that!

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