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Is Your New Years Resolution To Lose Weight? Top Tips!

4th December 2018

Want to Lose Weight? Eat Turkish Cusine!


Is your New Years resolution to lose weight? Its official, for a healthier diet, eat Turkish cuisine!

Everybody knows Turkey has some amazing organic produce, if you are planning on a diet in the New Year you really should ‘eat Turkish’.

Compared to the UK, U.S and other countries in Europe, Turkey has a relatively low obesity rate.  This is thought to be down to many contributing factors. 

Fast food and ready meals are relatively new and not as widely available.  Also the fact that so many of the foods are organic or naturally produced, make the Turkish staple diet healthier than many…

Fresh produce is cheap, ripe and easy to find.  Meat is eaten less frequently, as it is generally more expensive and less available.

Beans, legumes and lentils make up a large portion of the normal diet.  Organic eggs, homemade cheese and yogurt and fresh milk is easily found and reasonably priced. Pickled vegetables, pastes and dried soups etc are all naturally made and stored throughout the year.  

Fruit and vegetables are still mostly grown organically, produce is sold seasonally so everything is ripe and rich in vitamins.  Many Turkish dishes are vegetarian and most households do not eat meat every single day.

Fish is a big part of a normal diet, caught and sold fresh.  Hamsi (whitebait), mackerel, sea bass and shell fish are all high in omega-3 fatty acids, making them super healthy.

It seems there are less fizzy drinks consumed in favour of Ayran, water and fresh fruit juices. Although tea and coffee is guzzled in large quantities! As a Muslim country alcohol is less widely consumed, saving on calories.

Bread is baked fresh, although this needs to be eaten in moderation. As do the pastries and sweet syrupy desserts!

Olives and fresh olive oil are often part of every meal and nuts, seeds and dried fruits and eaten regularly.

The basic Turkish diet is high in ‘good fats’ and at the moment relatively low in ‘junk food’.

Another good idea is to eat a larger healthy breakfast, which the Turks are experts at.  Eating more in the morning and less throughout the day can kick start your metabolism, resulting in more calories being burned at a faster rate.

The Turkish breakfast is huge, but most of its ingredients are relatively healthy.  Olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad leaves, yogurt, honey, cheeses, fresh fruit juices are all fairly good for you.  Even the fresh jams and spreads are ok in moderation.

Water is a vital part of maintaining a healthy diet.  As the summers are so hot, water is a must.  Drinking enough water aids weight loss and helps the metabolism function well.

Some Tips:

  • Eat a large healthy breakfast to kick start your metabolism 
  • Eat raw fruits and veg
  • Replace meat with vegetarian alternatives at least few times a week
  • Eat fresh fish
  • Snack on nuts and seeds
  • Eat homemade and organic where possible
  • Have homemade soup for dinner
  • Limit bread and pastry 
  • Use olive oil 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Limit fizzy drink and alcohol intake and replace with Ayran and fresh fruit juices
  • Try to not eat large meals after 7pm


So there it is, if you want to lose weight sensibly…eat Turkish!


Content by YellAli - (All Copyright is protected and owned by YellAli - This content may NOT be copied & distributed by another third party, unless appropriate accreditation is given). 

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