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Did you know these 10 Amazing Facts About Turkey?

13th December 2018

10 Amazing Facts About Turkey!


We all know Turkey has some amazing places, history and culture...but did you know these facts?


1.  Part of Turkey’s Southwestern shore was a wedding gift that Mark Anthony gave to Cleopatra?

2. The world’s first hospital was built in Bergama Asklepion (Izmir) 2500 years ago. Miken King Agamemmon’s injured soldiers (Trojan War) were treated at the hospital.

3.  The first ever money was invented in Denizli by Lydians.

4.  The world’s first coffee shop was opened in İstanbul 600 years ago.

5.  Turks introduced coffee to Europe and the tulip to the Dutch.

6.  The Famous Trojan Wars took place in Troy, which is marked with a wooden statue of the Trojan Horse today.

7.  The Amazons are supposed to have originated in Turkey’s Northeastern region.

8.  The most valuable silk carpet in the world which has 144 knots per square centimeter is located in the Mevlana Museum in Konya.

9.  Turkey is number one country in honey production and number two for bee stock.

10.  One of the world’s oldest known human settlement was in Catalhoyuk, Turkey (7500 BC), until Gobeklitepe site was discovered.


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