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I came, I saw, I conquered - Julius Caesar in Turkey

14th December 2018 I came, I saw, I conquered – Julius Caesar in Turkey
‘Veni Vidi Vici’ Julius Caesars famous quote is known and used worldwide to this day…but did you know that he said these words whilst in Turkey?
In May 47BCE, the emperor Julius Caesar was in Egypt visiting his pregnant...
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Did you know these 10 Amazing Facts About Turkey?

13th December 2018 10 Amazing Facts About Turkey!
We all know Turkey has some amazing places, history and culture...but did you know these facts?
1.  Part of Turkey’s Southwestern shore was a wedding gift that Mark Anthony gave to Cleopatra?
2. The world’s first hospital was...
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Slipper Time In Turkey

16th November 2018 Slipper Time in Turkey
The slipper or ‘terlik’ as it’s known here in Turkey is an important part of any Turkish household, especially during the winter months.
When visiting bring a pair or wear those provided by your Turkish hosts before you walk through the door. Turkish homes...
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Discover the traditional Turkish way of preparing food during the winter months

9th November 2018 Preparing for winter in TurkeyTurks love to prepare for winter, it’s a big part of tradition and culture. They have been preserving fresh fruits and vegetables for centuries. Ensuring supplies of healthy foods are there for the winter months.
The preparation of winter foods is also a...
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Victory Day in Turkey - What it means

28th August 2017 Military parades and ceremonies at monuments to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who founded the Turkish Republic, are some common ways to celebrate Victory Day in Turkey. Turkish flags often adorn shops, public offices and people's houses on this day.
What Do People Do?
Many people in Turkey...
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You may not know it – but don’t do this in Turkey

8th August 2017 For most of us we all know the general rules of etiquette while in Turkey, do not insult the Turkish flag, do not insult Ataturk, dont go into someones home with out first asking if you should remove your shoes. But what else should you know as a foreigner in Turkey.
Don’t call someone a...
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16 ways you know you’ve become Turkish

4th August 2017 1) You refuse to buy any electrical item without first seeing that it works.
2) you have started to answer every question by repeating evet,evet, var,var, hayir,hayir.
3) You have embraced eating olives for breakfast.
4) You always order the largest beer (efes) because its just one lira...
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12 surprising facts about Turkey that you did not know

27th July 2017 1) Turkey or Türkiye (Land of the Turks) was not officially used until the republic was established in 1923
2) Money originates from Turkey The first coins ever made were minted in Turkey at Sardis, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia, at the end of the seventh century B.C. The...
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Valentine's Day in Turkey

13th February 2017 Valentine's Day is a relative newcomer to Turkey. It was popularized by the men's magazine "Erkekçe" in the mid-80s. Turks know Valentine's Day by the name "Sevgililer Günü" which literally means "Lovers Day."That is, while the origins of the holiday in the West are traced back to...
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How to make your business grow in Turkey

5th December 2016 Setting up your business in Turkey gives you access to a huge amount of potential customers from Turkey and beyond. Turkey’s location, quite literally being the place where the east and west meet gives it a number of advantages that Turkish businesses can use to grow their business and...
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