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Typical Turkish – 10 Traits, Customs and Etiquette of Turkish Society

27th March 2015 As in every country, each society has their own unique characteristics and practices native to that country, Turkey being no exception.  
So here are our '10 Classic Turkish habits' - Enjoy!
1. Eat Yogurt with every meal
Breakfast lunch and dinner, plain yogurt is enjoyed at nearly every...
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Important Turkish Dates for Your Diary

24th March 2015 Important Turkish Dates for Your Diary. 
Children's DayDate: April 23rd
Turkish children take seats in parliament and symbolically govern the country for the day.  This is to commemorate Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the Turkish Republic.  The child parliament elects a...
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Turkish Traditions for Children

23rd March 2015 It's no secret that Turkish people adore children, and many Turks love to spoil and pay lots of attention to babies and small children.
There is a holiday on the 23rd April known as; ‘Children’s day’ (Çocuk Bayramı), in celebration of the children of Turkey, and is...
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7 Safety tips for Women Travelling Alone in Turkey

23rd February 2015 7 Safety tips for Women Travelling Alone in TurkeyOverall women traveling alone in Turkey are treated with courtesy and should feel safe. Like anywhere in the world you will need to keep your wits about you and be cautious and apply the same safety rules that you would in your native country. ...
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Turkey's booming TV industry shaping cultural views in Middle East

10th February 2015 Turkey is the second highest exporter of TV series abroad globally after the United States.
Turkish series have been exported to over 100 countries, contributing to a boom in the country’s domestic television industry.
In 2012, Turkish soap opera exports were worth around $200 million, a...
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Am I bonkers to consider driving in Turkey? - Myths about driving in Turkey

26th January 2015 You may well ask yourself, just how difficult is it to drive in Turkey? 
If it is your first time to Turkey the idea of driving in Turkey can seem a daunting task, especially in major crowded cities such as Istanbul. Whereby in reality driving in Turkey whether it is in the small towns or...
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Bizarre Turkish Laws – past and present

5th January 2015 While most laws in Turkey are created to protect the interests of society, there are some that seem baffling, irrational or downright sexist. 
From ancient laws banning coffee to modern day regulations defining the clothes a woman may wear. Here is a list of bizarre Turkish laws past and...
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Did you know that Santa Claus came from Turkey (and not the north pole!)

8th December 2014 Over the years, the true story of the origins of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus), have been long forgotten.
The popular mythic Santa Claus we see today with his white beard and red suit is popular throughout the world.
Saint Nicholas (more commonly known as Santa Claus/Father Christmas) was born...
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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - 76th Anniversary

10th November 2014 Today, November 10th marks the anniversary of the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and throughout Turkey ceremonies will be held to commemorate the 76th anniversary of his death.The Turkish nation will remember with gratitude and respect this great leader, who was the commander in chief in the...
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Republic Day Turkey

27th October 2014  
A proud nation gleefully display their flag with great pride. Throughout Turkey the 29th October marks the day that the name of the nation, Turkey, and its status as a Republic was officially declared.
It was back in 1923, that Turkey officially become the Republic of Turkey, today it is a...
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