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E- Pulse the new online health application explained

15th January 2019 The Turkish Republic Ministry of Health have created a new online health record application called E-Pulse. 
E-Pulse is a new application that citizens and health professionals can both access.  It can hold all of your health data in one place, ready to be accessed quickly and easily...
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Is Your New Years Resolution To Lose Weight? Top Tips!

4th December 2018 Want to Lose Weight? Eat Turkish Cusine!
Is your New Years resolution to lose weight? Its official, for a healthier diet, eat Turkish cuisine!
Everybody knows Turkey has some amazing organic produce, if you are planning on a diet in the New Year you really should ‘eat...
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Turkish Health Tourism

23rd November 2018 Turkish Health Tourism
Turkey now stands as one of the top international destinations for health tourism.  In 2017 the sector generated $7.2 billion in revenue, and continues to grow.
The global healthcare market is one of the most competitive.  With constant changes and...
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5 Tips for Healthy Eating During a Summer Ramadan

6th June 2017 Here are our top tips for eating healthy during that short time of day in the month of Ramadan when food and drink are meant to be consumed.
Eat Real Food, Not Processed and Junk Foods
Sure, processed foods can seem convenient, but they’re usually filled with unhealthy things like...
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Everything you need to know about SGK - Turkey

14th March 2017 What is SGK?SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) is the name of the Turkish state’s social security system. One division of SGK is GSS (Genel Sağlık Sigortası) or Universal Health Insurance. In 2012, a new law came into force providing that every resident of Turkey must be covered by GSS, unless...
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12 Warning Signs Of Dehydration - Holiday in Turkey

23rd June 2016
When spending time in the summer sun you can easily become dehydrated if you don’t take in enough fluids. Once dehydration has set in, the body slowly begins to shut down, eventually causing problems such as kidney failure, seizures and brain swelling. Fortunately, your body will tell you...
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Mandatory Insurance for Foreigners in Turkey – Online or Agent?

19th January 2016 There's no denying the importance of health insurance in today's modern world, and that's why health insurance continues to be one of YellAli's focal points.The Benefits of Online Health Insurance  Online health insurance is popular because it has such a wide range of benefits that we will...
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A Comprehensive Look at Turkish Healthcare

7th December 2015 

Healthcare is an important topic for expats in Turkey, no one Countries healthcare service is quite the same. However despite healthcare’s importance few people research it thoroughly before moving to another Country. So what is the Turkish healthcare systems like? Do you need health...
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Private Health Insurance vs SGK - Turkey

23rd November 2014 Health insurance is an important topic for many expatriates living in Turkey and in this weeks guide we will be discussing the pros and cons of both SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) and Private Health Insurance.

Please note: Health Insurance is a mandatory requirement for the Turkish Residence...
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Pay monthly for Private Health Insurance in Turkey

11th November 2014 Yes that's right you can now spread the cost of your annual private health insurance policy over 9 months when you purchase Groupama Sigorta's FIT health Insurance online. With the new law that went into force in April 2014 obtaining a Turkish residence permit requires proof of health insurance...
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