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VPN Usage in Turkey

27th April 2017 The CensorshipIn the year 2007, Turkey passed an Internet Censorship law that signified a major shift in internet usage in the country. The restriction was meant to ‘regulate’ and ‘clean’ the internet from undesirable content, with the declared objective of protecting...
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Turkey’s Biggest Exports

18th February 2017 You might not know it but Turkey is the home of many popular exports, the chance of someone in the UK owning a Turkish made electronic or Turkish made garment for example are actually very high. Turkey exports to many countries and even during the difficult times of 2016 Turkish exports remained...
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Life is a beach for tourists in Turkey

16th August 2016 Dear tourists, my dear friends from Europe and the United States,Please do not be afraid to come to Turkey. Everything is fine here and pretty much as usual. I would know, as I have been on an Aegean beach since June 10. Everything is the same as last year. In other words, I am paying big bucks for...
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Turkey Attempted Coup – Going Forward What Happens Next?

30th July 2016 The Turkish coup d'état only happened two weeks ago, at the time I’ am writing this, but it already seems so long ago doesn’t it? And so much has happened since then. Although the coup, which occurred on July 15th, was a failure and lasted only a few hours it has changed the...
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Don’t give in to Terrorism, Don’t Let them win - Turkey

2nd July 2016 As we reach half way through the year, already Turkey has had its fair share of problems, which is disheartening to say the least.Turkey has had a difficult year so far and knowing all the problems it has faced, when we’ve only just literally passed the halfway mark is disheartening to say...
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Turkey Being Unfairly Targeted By Both Sides In The Brexit Debate

17th June 2016 The Brexit debate rages on in the UK as we get closer to the referendum date on the 23rd. One country in particular seems to be getting mentioned quite a lot. That is of course Turkey and both the stay and leave groups seem to have a bizarre belief that Turks are just waiting to run to the UK as...
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Let’s Talk Brexit – What Does It Mean For British Expats In Turkey?

14th June 2016 There’s a lot of talk about Brexit in the UK at the moment but what does it mean for expats? Well for British expats in Turkey not much at the moment really. Since Turkey isn’t an EU member presently whatever happens after the 23rd June when the UK holds its referendum British expats in...
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Good News For Sellers and Merchants - Top Alternatives To PayPal - Turkey

13th June 2016 The news that PayPal are suspending operations in Turkey from the 6 th June was a brutal blow to 

merchants all around Turkey. Thankfully though there’s a range of other services available that work

in a similar manner to PayPal so you do have other alternatives available to you.

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Metro Turizm Pervert Highlights safety concerns for Women in Turkey

2nd June 2016 So we all heard about the "Metro Bus" incident last week... Metro Turizm one of Turkey’s largest bus companies was rocked when a bus assistant was caught performing an obscene act on a young female passenger. Shockingly the man is believed to have told bosses from Metro Turizm that: “I...
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8 Reasons To Quit Your Old Life And Move To Turkey

24th May 2016 Ever had the urge to just pack your bags and move away? The answer is probably yes it’s something many people will experience a few times in their life and while must don’t act on it every year some do and Turkey is one of the most popular place people move to. So let’s look at 8...
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