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Fall (back) In Love With Istanbul

16th August 2016 Istanbul is probably the city most people think of when they think of Turkey, but why is this city so beloved by people? Well there’s so many reasons that it’s impossible to mention them all but I’ll try and mention as many as I can. So many people fall in love with Istanbul when...
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Education In Istanbul

15th August 2016 Istanbul has many reputable foreign language schools. Most are privately owned and can be accepted as reputable and follow and internationally recognised curriculum. We are including some sample schools in Istanbul which you can consider. You can visit their websites for more...
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What you need to know about finding a property in Istanbul

8th August 2016 Do not let anyone fool you, this is a hard task!
Money Grabbers!When looking for a property its really important to know what you are doing as there are people readily available to grab your money left, right and centre.Finding The Idea AreaThe first decision for you should be to determine where...
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Turkey post-coup: Police with guns scare workers at YellAli

26th July 2016 Istanbul - I can still remember the fear that took over my body when the second F16 went over my flat. I was so frighted and confused, what the hell was going on? who the hell was doing this to us?So many thoughts went through my head. I packed a bag with some clothing, and what food I had in the...
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Turkey and the state of emergency. Should foreigners be worried?

21st July 2016 Turkey and the state of emergency. Should foreigners be worried?Without getting political, we just wanted to give you some information on what a state of emergency will actually mean. Turkey's president has declared a state of emergency for three months following Friday night's failed army coup.The...
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Istanbul and the Aftermath - My views as a Dual Turkish/British Citizen

19th July 2016 Three and a half years and counting...... thats how long I have lived in Istanbul. 
I moved here to escape a personal tragedy which I was faced with.  I found Istanbul the perfect place to disappear and seek some solitude. I think I felt safe here.
Being a dual national of both the...
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Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Property in Istanbul

12th July 2016 Istanbul..... the enchanting city which has made us fall in love with it and then persuaded us to pack our bags and relocate!We want to make sure your love affair with Istanbul continues, therefore we want to make sure the transition process is a smooth and pleasurable as possible. Please read...
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Navigating the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

27th August 2015 Istanbul - Grand Bazaar. Construction of the Grand Bazaar began in the 15th century and went through a number of forms before finally settling on its final form around the beginning of the 17th century. The Grand Bazaar houses over 3000 stores and covers over sixty streets, the shear scope of the...
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Awesome Istanbul Amusement Parks

5th August 2015 Taking a trip to an amusement park is something everyone can enjoy, and while Turkey might not be famed for its theme parks like some other popular holiday locations, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fine selection of them to visit during your holiday.It’s a common mistake to...
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8 Street Foods that make Istanbul Great

10th June 2015 Picture this scene you’re walking down a busy Istanbul Street perhaps you’re on your way to have a look at the Grand Bazaar. You look at your watch reading that it’s 11:00am a little too early for lunch and bit too late for breakfast but that grumble in your stomach must be...
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