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Wireless Internet Access in Turkey for Expats & Travellers

24th March 2016 Sponsored AdReaders who want wireless Internet access while travelling in Turkey will do well to look at Rent ‘n Connect, one of the most successful Turkish companies offering tourists and visitors a way to stay hooked up to the Internet and have access to travel information 24/7. Ozgur Gen,...
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Rent 'n Connect - Unlimited 3G Wi-Fi when you need it

17th July 2015 Who is Rent 'n Connect?
Rent ‘n Connect was founded in 2012 by three young engineers from Istanbul’s Bosporus University. One the Co-Founders, Özgür Gen, spoke with YellAli. He explained that the widespread adoption of tablets in Turkey along with the rise of the sharing...
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Spot Blue Property Specialist for Turkey

29th September 2014 Sponsored Article - Spot Blue Ltd UK

Who are Spot Blue?
Spot Blue is one of the UK’s biggest real estate agencies that specialize in property sales in Turkey for buyers from around the world. They are the ultimate Turkey specialist and are dedicated to assisting those who want to purchase...
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UK Budget 2014 – Pensions

9th April 2014 UK Budget 2014 – Pensions briefing noteThe Chancellor’s 2014 budget introduced a number of changes to the UK pension’s regime, many of which were unexpected. The new measures are set out below:It should be noted that the more significant proposals, set to come into effect from...
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Transferring money from the UK to Turkey and beyond! – Save money and get the best rates

11th March 2014 
Transferring money from the UK to Turkey has never been easier and whether you want to transfer money to your bank account in Turkey or to anywhere in the world, you can rely on First Remit to give you the most competitive rates! 

And if you’re still wondering why you should choose First...
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Dental treatment in Turkey - Alanya Dental Center

5th March 2014 Sponsored Article  
Did you know you could save up to 70% compared to the UK & Europe for dental treatments?So many people are now choosing Turkey, specifically for its superior and affordable dental services. With this in mind, the 'perfect Hollywood smile' is not just limited to...
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Financial advisor, Turkey – Get the Right Advice

3rd March 2014 Sponsored Article Introducing our experts; FMA Financial Management Associates Ltd

Exclusive to YellAli members – Get a free Financial Planning Review during March & April 2014 -
 Contact FMAIFA - Finding a financial advisor to trust with your money is no mean feat!First of all,...
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Shipping household goods to Turkey - Finding a trusted service

25th February 2014 Sponsored ArticleSo you want to have your household goods shipped to Turkey?

Introducing our shipping experts; AFC International Home Movers
AFC International provide home moving services from anywhere in the world – to anywhere in the world! And have extensive experience in the...
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Hearing specialist & medical suppliers in Turkey - Ada / Adalar group

20th January 2014 Sponsored Article 
Get 20% OFF at Ada/Adalar / Acil Medikal – Just for mentioning ‘YellAli’ADA – One of Turkeys foremost hearing Specialists  - Turkey’s leading experts for hearing care & medical supplies
Do you need to visit a hearing Specialist or...
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