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Preparing for death in Turkey

15th January 2019 Preparing for death in Turkey
Nobody really wants to think about their death, much less organise it in advance.  However when living abroad it is probably a good idea to be prepared and know some information about the procedures in Turkey.
It is important to tell your family and loved...
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Inheritance in Turkey

3rd December 2018 Inheritance in Turkey
When someone passes away in Turkey, the inheritors need to obtain an inheritance certificate from the court in Turkey which will let them transfer the ownership of the property into their names.
In order to take this certificate, the court will require some documents;...
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Meet One of Our Lawyers

26th November 2018 Meet one of Yell Ali’s Lawyers
Here at Yell Ali we only work with the best, we’d like to introduce you to one of our expert lawyers Fatih Barcin, who is part of our professional services network.
Can you tell us a little about yourself and background?
I graduated from...
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Payroll Services

20th November 2018 YellAli – Payroll Services
 Here at YellAli we can professionally take over your Payroll requirements.  Let us take the worry out of your Payroll process. 
Our Services Include:

Monitoring employee time and attendance
Setting up and making adjustments to direct...
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Importing Mobile Phones Into Turkey - 2018 - 2019 - Tax Increase

13th November 2018 Update - November - 2018
Tax Increase on Imported Mobile phones in Turkey - As of nowThere is to be a large tax increase on imported mobile telephones.  An increase from 140tl in 2017, to 170tl in 2018.  It is set to rise to 500tl as of now..According to ICTA data, the number of...
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How to gain Turkish citizenship through investment

20th September 2018 As of September 2018 the law on foreigners obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment has changed.Official Gazette Dated September 19 2018 

Issue 30540;

Decision number 106The Republic of Turkey now grants citizenship for –Foreigners who invest $250,000 in immovable property in...
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UPDATE - Limited Liability and Joint Stock Companies In Turkey

13th July 2018 Foreign investors in Turkey may start a new company, make a portfolio investment, participate in a joint venture, purchase part of an existing business or establish a branch subsidiary or liaison office with no greater restriction than a Turkish national. Business activities are regulated by the...
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UPDATE - habitation certificate/amnesty

29th June 2018 Extended until the 31st December 2018
Construction Registration Certificate will be issued for buildings made before 31/12/2017 and if the application for Building Registration Certificate is made by 31/12/2018, the price of Building Registration Certificate will have to be paid by 31.12.2018. If...
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29th June 2018 HAVING A PET IN AN INDEPENDENT SECTIONDue to the rise of condominiums and vertical urbanization that came about with the Republican Period, people started living together.  This brought together many legal problems. One of these, having pets in independent sections has not been resolved for...
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13th February 2018 INHERITANCE ISSUES PART 2
Inheritance tax
With the valid certificate of inheritance (‘Mirasçılık Belgesi’) one of the heirs or their representative proceed to the ‘Vergi Dairesi’ (tax office) and pay the related inheritance tax (‘intikal vergisi’). The...
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