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Advantages of a Turkish Citizenship

14th January 2019 Advantages of a Turkish Citizenship
Applications for Turkish citizenship made in Turkey are processed by the local Nüfüs office (Population and Citizenship Directors).  This will normally be at the local law court building or at the governor’s office building.  If...
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Everything you need to know about a Turkish work permit

11th January 2019 Everything you need to know about a Turkish work permit.
Foreign citizens should obtain a work permit granted by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services which is the competent authority in accordance with Turkish law.  This is a condition and precedent to work within the territory...
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Exclusive Interview with Author Lisa Morrow

9th January 2019 YellAli had the pleasure of an Exclusive Interview with the Author of Inside Out Istanbul - Lisa Morrow.
Lisa Morrow is a Sydney born sociologist, author and travel writer (and one time English teacher) who runs the successful blog Inside Out In...
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14 Ways to Apply for Turkish Residency

9th January 2019 14 Ways to Apply for Turkish Residency
Short Term Residency
Who can apply?
1.      Foreigners who arrive to conduct scientific research.
Foreigners who apply for residency for this reason are required to obtain a license from the relevant institutions/organisations (i.e The...
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How do I apply for a work permit in Turkey?

7th January 2019 Important notice foreigners applying for a 'first time' work permit must file an application in their own country to the Consulate of 
the Republic of Turkey. (Turkish Consulate) You need to the following documentation in order to apply for a work permit at the Turkish Consulate/Embassy•...
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The benefits of a Turkish Passport

31st December 2018 The benefits of a Turkish Passport
This year the Turkish passport has been ranked 38th globally and has 114 points on the travel without visa index.  The Turkish passport gains entry to 72 countries without getting a visa before hand.  Turkish nationals can enter over 42 countries with a...
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How Do I Apply for Turkish Citizenship Through Investment?

28th December 2018 How Do I Apply for Turkish Citizenship Through Investment?
Turkey has made it easier to become a Turkish citizen through investment.  The required limits for a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship have been reduced in a bid to increase investment.
The limit of fixed capital investments to...
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How do I make a Will in Turkey?

28th December 2018 Inheritance and Wills in Turkey
If you have property or assets in Turkey it is important to plan how they are to be dealt with after you pass away.  To ensure the process of administering your estate in Turkey goes as smoothly as possible, it’s highly recommended you make a legal...
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What documents do I need to move to Turkey?

21st December 2018 What Documents Do I need if I move to Turkey?
If you are planning on moving to Turkey either temporarily or permanently it’s important you have all the correct documentation in place.  Here is some information on what is necessary before you move over.
» Turkish Tax...
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Education In Turkey

20th December 2018 Education in Turkey
If you are moving to Turkey with children you will be planning to enrol them into school.  You may also yourself be interested in pursuing education in Turkey, here is some information on the Education system.
Primary and Secondary Education
Preschool education is not...
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