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How to apply for a Turkish work permit from abroad.

17th December 2018 Steps for the work permit application from abroad.
1.  Employee and employer sign an agreement.
2.  Employee will apply for work visa at Turkish consulate at his/her citizenship country or country which he/she resides.
3.  Upon acceptance of the visa application the consulate will...
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How do I get a Turkish work permit?

13th December 2018 How do I get a Turkish work permit?
1. Initial Application:
You can file an application to obtain a work permit in Turkey whilst abroad or in Turkey itself.
If you file for application abroad, foreigners are required to also file an application at a consulate of the Republic of Turkey in the...
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Do you know about Earthquake Insurance? (DASK)

11th December 2018 Do you know about DASK Insurance?  
DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance)
Which buildings are coveraged for DASK?
- The buildings constructed as houses on immoveable properties which are registered to the title deed, and subjected to personal property.
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Home Insurance in Turkey

11th December 2018 Let’s talk about Home Insurance In Turkey
Having home insurance can give you peace of mind and keep you safe, especially when abroad…
We can help you organise full home insurance here in Turkey smoothly and easily.  You can get coverage to protect your home and loved ones from...
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Turkish Citizenship via Property Investment Q&A's

7th December 2018 Recently with a new legislation it is possible to acquire Turkish citizenship via property investment.
To obtain Turkish citizenship a new legislation has been made.  This allows an individual who invests in real estate to a minimum of $250,000 without selling the property on or...
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What can I do if my application for residency extension has not been approved?

4th December 2018 In the last couple of months the rules for issuing residence permits have been tightened.Nasty surprises are mainly encountered by foreigners who want to renew their residence permits. Instead of the expected two year permit they may sometimes only be granted 3 months or are even totally...
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Do you want to learn Turkish?

3rd December 2018 Do you want to Learn Turkish?
Turkish is not the easiest of languages to learn, this is mainly due to the fact the Turkish language is quite different from studying Indo-European languages.  The verbs come at the end of sentences, there is no gender and there are eight vowels.  However...
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Exclusive Interview with former police detective Maggie Oliver

3rd December 2018 Yell Ali had the pleasure of exclusively interviewing former police detective Maggie Oliver about her love of Turkey and more…
Maggie Oliver is a former detective who exposed The Rochdale Grooming Scandal.
Maggie Oliver is perhaps best known as the “Detective turned Whistle...
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Scrap Food Feeds Strays

22nd November 2018 Scrap food  made into cat and dog feed - given to Samsun Strays
Almost one third of food produced worldwide for human consumption (that’s 1.3 billion tons) goes uneaten or wasted…
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has initiated a great new project.  Leftover food is...
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UPDATE - Recent change to the conversion of foreign driving licenses:

10th May 2018 Recent change to the conversion of foreign driving licensesForeign residents who have tried to make an online appointment with the traffic police’s website with the intention of converting their foreign license into a Turkish license, may have noticed that the related link does not work. The...
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