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Importing second hand household goods to Turkey

13th June 2017 Many people who decide to move to Turkey (because they have bought property, wish to try a new life or come for work) want to bring their own household goods with them.The Turkish Customs Law (law no. 4458) allows the importation of second hand household goods under specific conditions.Who is...
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23rd May 2017 TEMPORARY IMPORTATION OF A PRIVATE VEHICLE – AN OPTION FOR CERTAIN FOREIGNERSForeigners residing in Turkey are allowed to bring their private vehicle along for the time of their stay provided they are students, retired or hold a valid work permit.The so-called Mavi Karne (Blue Carnet) or,...
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Finding Reliable Traders in Turkey - Direct advice from foreigners living in Turkey!

2nd May 2017 We have encouraged our YellAli members to share their horror stories with us of rogue traders in Turkey. Here are some examples of feedback we have received , which in turn will help other expats who are looking for reliable tradesmen in Turkey.

Recommendation, Recommendation, Recommendation!In...
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Dealing with dishonest tradesmen in Turkey - 10 signs they’re bad news

12th April 2017 How can you tell if the guy you’ve hired to repair your home is a legitimate registered trader? 
Watch out for the warning signs and look out for tradesmen’s who…
1. Offer very cheap quotes or estimates, as this could be an indication that they are a ‘rogue...
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Overview : Hiring Workers in Turkey

10th April 2017 If you own a company in Turkey or will establish a company in Turkey, you may be considering employing local staff.Please see our guide below:-
SalaryThe national minimum wage which is 1777,50 TL gross for locals (companies can not pay below this figure)
If foreigners are employed the salary...
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Adapt to your new life in Turkey like a pro!

2nd March 2017 Living in Turkey, a new country can be challenging at first and adapting to your new home can be easier for some. But even the most adaptable person in the world will probably still face a few problems now and again. But don’t worry your friends at YellAli are on hand to help you with our...
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Compare Internet Deals in Turkey - 2017

20th February 2017 For most expats living in Turkey the internet connection is definitely an important decision. Your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) can make an enormous difference in your happiness (or frustrations) as an internet user. Depending on where you live, you might have a great choice of ISPs or...
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Integrating In Turkey

12th February 2017 Moving to Turkey is undoubtedly an exciting time for anyone but this can change into dread and anxiousness in no time if you don’t integrate into your new culture or home. Integrating into a new country can be a challenging and daunting experience but also one that is adventurous and fun. To...
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The Cost of Living in Expat Hubs - Turkey

8th February 2017 We recently took a look at some of Turkey’s most popular places amongst expats and found that each one was popular for a variety of reasons and amongst different groups. Some like Istanbul appealed to younger expats looking to start a new career while Mugla was more popular with English...
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The Cost of Living in Turkey - London Vs Istanbul

30th January 2017 Turkey might be a popular place to move to for expats but what’s the cost of living like? When we look at costs we often only consider the short term ones like how much buying a property or how much it will cost to transport our belongings. It sounds a little strange but we can easily forget...
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