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Turkey - Are You an Immigrant or an Expat?

17th May 2016 There’s a lot of talk about Turkey and immigrants right now and some have even gone to use the term to describe the many expats living in Turkey as well. So if you’re living in Turkey right now which one are you? And what is the difference between the two?Expat or Immigrant?We’ll...
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Which Nationalities have the most expensive (and cheapest) Residence Permit Charges ?

16th May 2016 Which Nationalities have the most expensive (& cheapest) Residence Permit Charges in Turkey ?Have you ever wondered which countries pay the most for their Residence Permit taxes? Or which country have the cheapest fees to be paid? (And of course who pays nothing at all!!!)So, just for your...
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Expat Challenges – Dealing With Homesickness

16th April 2016 With many expats living in Turkey the issue of homesickness is a real possibility and even if you really hated the place you used to live don’t think you’ll be immune to a few pangs of homesickness every now again. Homesickness might not seem like that big of a deal at first after all...
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Establishing a company in Turkey - The most common misconceptions

5th April 2016 There are so many misconceptions about establishing a company in Turkey and unfortunately too many foreigners do not know or understand the rules and regulations surrounding this.A foreigner can establish any of the following companies in Turkey; Branch, LLC, Liaison office or Joint Stock company....
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Expat Challenges – The Joy of Adjusting to Turkey

4th April 2016 Some of the things you can expect to see and have to deal with once you've made the move to Turkey :-Persistent Traders –The world of retail is full of persistent shop assistants and traders no matter what country you're in isn't it? While that statement might seem hard to argue with at times...
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My life as an Expat in Turkey - Health care in Turkey

21st March 2016 During my twenty plus years of living in Turkey, like most people I have had health problems. However, despite what many fellow expats might think, health care in Turkey is extremely good. A steady growing number of people come here from their own countries to have operations carried out. 

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The Essentials for Getting a Work Permit in Turkey

15th March 2016 With literally thousands of expats moving to Turkey every year getting a job is something many expats are going to face. Getting a work permit might not be simple but it might not be as complex as you think and remember with our YellAli Permit Services if you ever need help we will be able to offer...
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Turkish Driving Licence - An Expats Experience

4th March 2016 Turkish Driving Licence - An Expats ExperienceHaving decided to exchange my UK driving licence for a Turkish ones, I checked online and found differing information as to what was required to complete the process. Now that I have finally achieved my aim, in this brief I detail the various processes...
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My life as an Expat in Turkey - Working in Turkey

28th February 2016 When I first arrived in Turkey to work on a five-star hotel complex down on the Mediterranean Coast, I had no idea of working conditions or what kind of workers I would find. As it turned out, both the Project management Team and Ucgen, the construction company I was seconded to work with...
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My life as an Expat in Turkey - How I made friends in Turkey

2nd February 2016 How I made friends in TurkeyDuring work on the hotel construction my late wife and I lived in Kemer, where at the time were only a few English speaking Turks. This proved not a problem, as by using pigeon English, pointing and using hand movements, we soon made friends with numerous shopkeepers. By...
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