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British TV Options in Turkey Explored

12th October 2015 Television is an important part of many people's lives and expats will no doubt miss English television.  There’s always DVD releases but many people like to watch programs as they air and not everything is going to be on DVD. But there are a few ways expats can watch their favourite...
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Emergency Services in Turkey

29th September 2015 The importance of the emergency services is something we all know, however while we may all know about our home countries emergency services it’s surprising how many people don’t research a foreign countries. This might be understandable if you’re only going on a short visit,...
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Guide to bringing your Pet to Turkey

10th September 2015 We all love our pets don’t we? But with more and more people choosing to live in another country later in life the question of what we do with our furry companions is not always easy to answer. Some people may try to find a new home for them before they leave, or leave them with an animal...
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Online dating for expats in Turkey

31st August 2015 Let me be honest with you this blog was at first going to be a guide for expats, to look at the Turkish dating scene. But to be honest is a guide to any countries dating scene even possible? Sure I can think of somethings people should and shouldn’t do when they’re out on a date but I...
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Tips for Finding work in Turkey

25th August 2015 Finding a new job is a daunting prospect at the best of times but picture this you’ve just moved to Turkey leaving behind your old home and lifestyle. Whether you’ve made the move with your friends, family or just made the move on your own one of the first things you’re going to...
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Socializing in Turkey – An expats Guide

20th August 2015 Expats who have recently started living to Turkey are going to be understandably more unaware of how to act. The good news is that the Turkish people are on the whole very friendly and understanding so don’t worry about there being a few awkward situations at first. Getting the hang of things...
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Looking to move to Turkey? – Check out the most popular Turkish cities for Expats

17th August 2015 During May 2014 and October 2014 according to official government statistics approximately 10,173 Turkish properties were sold to foreigners and in the first ten months of 2014 a total of 15,417 properties were sold to foreigners. While this may not seem like much it’s an increase of 66...
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Guide for Rental Accommodation in Turkey

10th August 2015 If you are looking around for a new home, either to rent or buy, you will likely find some great looking places, with adverts written in Turkish. Here is some useful vocabulary to help you decipher the advert and discover a new home for you and your family. And don’t forget to negotiate!For...
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14 things only an Expat living in Turkey would understand

14th April 2015 There are foreigners aplenty in Turkey these days, from Istanbul to Antalya and beyond. The cities and coastal regions are full of expats from various countries around the globe.So just for you guys, here are 14 things only an Expat living in Turkey would understand:-
1. Turkish Time
What time...
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From Expat to Native – 12 Signs you have become a true local in Turkey

18th March 2015 You’ve been living in Turkey for a while now; you know that you have truly become a native in Turkey when you do the following.
You wrap up warm during Autumn/Winter/Spring Months
It's easy to spot the tourists visiting out of season; flowing sari, sandals, t-shirts and shorts and you...
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