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Damp and how to fix it

4th January 2019 Damp and how to fix it
Damp creeps in and is not to be taken lightly.  It can be hard to diagnose the exact causes and needs to be treated from the root cause of the problem.
You can simply treat the symptoms but it will only mask the underlying issue and resurface.  Damp is a...
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5 Top Tips to check your electrics are safe at home!

19th December 2018 5 Top Tips to check your electrics are safe at home this winter!
Winter is a great time to get ontop of household jobs that may have been left over the summer season.  We have tome Top Tips when checking your electrics at home.
1.  Check plug sockets are not broken or damaged in...
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Modern heating in Turkey

22nd November 2018 Modern heating methods in Turkey
Over past decades there have been quite a few ways to keep warm in the winter months in Turkey. 
The wood or coal burner ‘Soba’, the standard air-conditioning unit, UFO heaters and electric free standing heaters.  Or electric blankets...
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Meet one of our Traders

21st November 2018 Meet one of our Professional Traders…
Here at Find A Trader we only work with the best.  Our traders are carefully vetted and come recommended by Yell Ali customers.
Every trader we use is qualified in their field, fully licenced and registered, with reviews on their company...
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Turkish Christmas wreaths in homes worldwide

20th November 2018 Turkish Christmas  Wreaths to decorate homes worldwide
Turkish Christmas wreaths from the Mediterranean city of Antalya are being exported worldwide for Christmas and New Year.  Exports are expected to exceed $10 million this year alone.
Wreaths are made from completely natural...
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10 Property Maintenance Jobs for Winter

16th November 2018 10 Property Maintenance Jobs For Winter
Prevent potentially costly damage to your property this winter with these simple maintenance tasks for your home and garden…
Property and home maintenance jobs do tend to stack up over the year.  Winter is a good time to get on top of them and...
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Save Money On You Heating Bills In Turkey - Reseal Windows

8th November 2018 Resealing Windows Tips and Advice…
Winter has arrived here in Turkey and along with it comes the rain and storms.  A common problem people seem to find is leaking windows, without adequate or sometimes any sealing in place.
It’s not that uncommon for windows to leak but...
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What kind of damp is affecting my home?

6th March 2018 

Find out what type of damp is affecting your home so that you can eradicate the problem without spending more than you need to.

Rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation are the three most common types of damp for residential properties.  Each needs to be treated in different ways,...
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Why is it important to keep my air condition unit clean?

27th February 2018 Why is it important to service your air conditioner?

Air Conditioner Filters. The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. You must replace your air...
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Storage solutions for your Turkish home - declutter with these brilliant storage ideas

7th December 2017 Decluttering your home can be a big job. The best way to start is to organise your space and focus on one room or an area within a room, such as your bathroom cabinets, at a time. Some areas may just need extra storage baskets while others may need customising via a professional trades...
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