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Can I establish a business here in Turkey?

10th January 2019 Can I establish a business here in Turkey?
Yes, as a foreigner you can establish a business in Turkey. It is irrelevant what nationality you are or your place of residence.
 The major steps to establishing a limited company are;
 - To prepare and notarize the articles of...
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How To Establish a Business in Turkey

13th December 2018 How do I Establish A Business in Turkey?
The law in Turkey expresses equal opportunity and treatment for international investors.  Ensuring they have the same legal rights and liabilities as local investors.
Procedures for setting up a business in Turkey and share transfers are the same for...
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How do I rent out my property in Turkey?

12th December 2018 How do I rent out my property in Turkey?
If you are renting out your property in Turkey for either short or long term, you can either use an agent to assist you, or do it yourself.  There is no legal obligation to use an agent.
An agent will typically charge you a commission...
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Don't Get Lost In Translation

12th December 2018 Don’t get lost in translation – Did you know YellAli offers a Full Translation Service?
Any foreigner who does not speak Turkish and who wants to sign a document before a Turkish notary for power of attorney, purchase/sale of a second hand vehicle,...
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How to set up a company in Turkey

26th November 2018 Setting up a Company in Turkey…
How to set up a company in Turkey.
Turkey has for many years attracted foreign investment due to its unique trading location between  Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  Turkey is recognised worldwide as being a country of importance. ...
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Turkish Marble Exports Booming

20th November 2018 Turkish Marble Export Booming
Turkey is one of the oldest marble distribution areas in the world with over 4000 years in natural stone production.
With over 80 types and 400 different colours and patterns, Turkey has one of the world’s largest natural stone reserves. Turkey's marble...
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Consequences Of Non Compliance With Independent Audit Requirement - Turkey

30th January 2018 An important issue for companies in Turkey is the “Independent Audit” of their financial statements. However, as surely known, not all, but only some of the companies are subject to independent audit. According to the latest status, companies must retain independent auditors if...
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Everything you need to know about the TURKUAZ CARD - Turkey

31st October 2017 WHAT IS TURKUAZ CARD ?
For foreigners applications of whom are approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security upon suggestion by International Manpower Policy Advisory Committee;regulation on “Turkuaz Card” which grants the foreigners right to work and reside in Turkey for an...
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31st October 2017 The New Labor Courts Law (the “Law”) has been announced in the Official Gazette on 25
October 2017 and is now in force.
Under the Law, the provision regarding the mandatory mediation will become enforceable as
of 1 January 2018. It will then be mandatory to apply to mediation before...
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