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5 Ways To Pest Proof Your Home in Turkey

20th July 2017 Pest proof your Home & Garden against Snakes, Mosquitos, Rats, Ants and more—(Some without toxic chemicals)Because no one likes dealing with Snakes, Mosquitos, Rats, Ants, and other insects inside & outside their home. After all the best way of handling insects and other pests in your...
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Heat Tolerant Plants - Garden Plants That Will Survive the Turkish Weather

19th July 2017 Prepare your Turkish garden for the hot summer temperatures by choosing the right plants that are super tolerant to extreme heat of Turkey.1. Ateş Çiçeği (also known as 'Salvia splendens')Salvia splendens is a tender herbaceous perennial native to Brazil, (also available in Turkey)...
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Home and Contents Insurance in Turkey - FAQ's

18th July 2017 Home and Contents Insurance How can you identify the building sum insured when you have your house insured? When you have your house insured, the term 'building sum insured' used in insurance business means the sum needed to rebuild your house.When a house is insured, it is based on approximate...
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Are you Smart yet? Upgrade your home in Turkey to a Smart home

12th July 2017 The house of the future is here now. Rapid advances in technology see smart homes popularity increasing.From anywhere in the World, you can manage your villa or apartment. A home equipped with security systems, lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone...
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8 Impressive Ideas To Jazz Up Your Balcony

11th July 2017 An unloved balcony is a sad sight – Why not make the most of your balcony in Turkey.Creative balcony tips and ideas to inspire you.1) Bifold or sliding shutters are a great idea -add some shutters to your balcony in Turkey – perfect for all weathers and your privacy. 2)Add some good...
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10 things you should know about DASK Insurance (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance)

11th July 2017 DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance) Which buildings are coveraged for DASK? - The buildings constructed as houses on immoveable properties which are registered to the title deed, and subjected to personal property. - Independent sections under the Law No. 634 on Flat Ownership. Independent...
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Salt water pool systems in Turkey – What are the facts

5th July 2017 In Turkey, many of us foreigners living here own a swimming pool or at least frequent one often during the long hot summer months.But how many of us use a salt-water pool system?Salt-water swimming pools are becoming a popular alternative to regular chlorine pool systems in Turkey. What is a...
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It doesn’t blister, its anti mold and water resistant- Damp proof paint that actually works - Turkey

5th July 2017 For most of us owning a property in Turkey, we will at some point incounter damp or mould problem in our homes. From rising damp to peeling walls making your home damp proof can be challenging.However there is now a solution for your unsightly peeling walls - ISONEM MS 82 anti damp paintWhat is...
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4th July 2017 With powers, duties and liabilities, it is common for many individuals to be unaware of the risks they are undertaking when becoming managers in a company. In limited liability partnerships (“LLP”), managers bear certain risks that are not always well known to them. This article aims...
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Indoor vertical wall gardens - Why you should be transforming your walls into green botanical splendors - Turkey

3rd July 2017 Why not add a touch of nature and beauty to your walls with a vertical garden; from edible herb plants to botanical decoration the limits are endless. Use that vertical space to create a garden, because nothing creates real life in a room more than plants and flowers.Did you know - installing a...
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