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12th October 2017 Winter is fast approaching and now is the time to get your garden ready before the bad weather starts.Here are some tips to help prepare your garden for winter: 1)    Remove any annual plants (plants that have a life cycle of only one year) that have finished flowering. Prepare...
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12th October 2017 The summer is nearly over and many of us will be leaving our Turkish homes until next year. Here are some tips for securing your home for winter: 1)    Turn off the water and drain the pipes to prevent burst pipes and flooding 2)    Move more valuable items, such as...
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TURKISH CONDOMINIUM LAW – Questions and Answers

10th October 2017 TURKISH CONDOMINIUM LAWWe have compiled a list of questions, with answers, we have been asked regarding Turkish Condominium Law.Q) What is Turkish Condominium Law?A) When you own or rent a property in Turkey (concerning certain properties) you automatically become part of how the entire block or...
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Turkish Notary - All you need to know!

9th October 2017 NOTARIES IN TURKEY Foreigners who start living in Turkey are usually surprised when they enter a local notary office: There are often crowds of people, high noise levels and issues that you would consider as rather private are negotiated in full public. Sometimes, the notary does not even have a...
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Effective Natural Remedies To Rid Your Turkish Home Of Roaches

28th September 2017 No one enjoys Roaches as house guests, but that doesn't mean you need to use nasty chemicals to rid your home of them. There are many natural alternatives to killing pesky roaches but what works best?1) Mix equal parts Baking powder and sugar Place the mixture in a dish and put this behind...
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Tips for Healthy Drains - Turkey

27th September 2017 None of us want our drains to become blocked. Tell tale signs such as smells, water draining away slowly and signs of a leak can be an indication that you have a problem. Unfortunately, many drain problems are not noticeable until it’s too late, then you will need to call out a drainage...
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Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees in Turkey

18th September 2017 Everyone loves a beautiful garden so we have asked one of our recommended traders Turkey, an expert in pest control, for some tips and hints for looking after the trees in your gardens. Q: What type of bugs could affect my trees and palm trees? A: In respect of palm trees the red palm bug is very...
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What you need to know about owning an apartment/villa in Turkey

13th September 2017 Site/complex management and Turkish condominium law.If you own a property in Turkey which is part of a complex, meaning that there are a group of properties, apartments or villas located together you need to know the regulations which effect you.Why your complex must comply with Turkish condominium...
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Regulations For Making Changes To An Apartment /Outside Area in Turkey

12th September 2017 For apartment owners in Turkey there are general rules and regulations regarding alterations to the building or garden areas within an apartment complex. Even if you own the land outside your apartment you will still need a modification license and in some cases agreements from your neighbours, to...
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Tips On Cleaning And Polishing Your Marble Floors

5th September 2017 In my opinion, marble is one of the most beautiful materials you can ever have incorporated into your home decor - with proper care and maintenance, it will maintain its pristine condition throughout the life of the home. It will always add value both in visual appeal and in financial worth. In...
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