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Top tips for haggling in Turkey

25th July 2013

Whether you’re already in Turkey or visiting for a short fun filled trip, you will certainly be looking to fill your bags as well as cases with a treasure trove of goodies.  Haggling, known as Pazarlik is considered to be an important element in Turkish society. If it is done the right...

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Guide to buying property in Turkey

23rd July 2013

So you have decided to make the move and live out your ultimate dreams in the sun. But what are the elements you need fulfil your property fantasies? Here below is our ultimate Turkish property guide. DocumentationEven before you set foot on foreign soil and have slapped on the suncream, it is...

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The heat is on: Top tips for staying cool

19th July 2013

When we are frolicking in the sun without a care in the world, we all think we know how to keep cool. Yet it is all too often easy to slip your mind. As Donna Summer sang about Hot Stuff, we can certainly feel the heat out there. With temperatures promising to break the mercury across Europe, we...

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Guide to etiquette in Turkey

19th July 2013

If you are fortunate enough to visit or reside in Turkey, there are some aspects you may not be aware of. This beautiful Aegean country boasts a food culture all of its own as well as that old favourite Turkish delight and some incredible coffee.  Yet what rules are there on social etiquette?...

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Moustache and go: Males head to Turkey for facial-hair implants

11th July 2013

Does the moustache make the man or the man make the moustache? Well it seems that people are flocking to Turkey to take advantage of several deals incorporating both facial hair surgery and short stay holidays. You too can achieve the perfect Magnum P.I. look thanks to the latest craze hitting the...

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Alo 179 - Explained

4th July 2013

Alo 179 is a 24/7 free phone helpline that’s designed to help expats and tourists resolve complaints about businesses or services that they are unhappy with. Initially it is advised that you look to try and resolve matters with the person or business with who you are dissatisfied. You can...

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3rd July 2013

This month marks the start of Ramadan, an important period of fasting that Muslim people take part in every year. In Turkey, Ramadan will start on the 9th July, each year the start and end dates change as they are determined by the moon. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar; it is a...

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Why I love mooching in the local markets in Turkey

19th June 2013 , Adana, Karataş

Turkey is often referred to as the land of “genuine fakes” when it comes to shopping.I must confess that I love a spot of retail therapy and bagging a bargain.So Turkey really is the perfect shopper’s playground for me.I personally love a good mooch at the local markets (bazaars)...

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Top tips for working in Turkey

19th June 2013 , Adana, Aladağ

My experience of working in Turkey has given me good insight into the highs and lows of working abroad.The main plus point for me is obvious; you get to earn a living whilst living in the sun!Touristic areas are the easiest hotspots for jobseekers as you can find employment in hotels, travel...

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Why I love fresh seafood in Turkey

19th June 2013 , Adana, Feke

My expanding waistline and derriere are living proof that I love dining out in Turkey.Why? Two reasons, because the food here is tasty and sold at pocket friendly prices.I feel seriously lucky and spoilt for choice as I can dine out in a range of places such as lokantas (24 hour cafes), bars...

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