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Importing Mobile Phones Into Turkey - 2018 - 2019 - Tax Increase

13th November 2018

Update - November - 2018 Tax Increase on Imported Mobile phones in Turkey - As of nowThere is to be a large tax increase on imported mobile telephones.  An increase from 140tl in 2017, to 170tl in 2018.  It is set to rise to 500tl as of now..According to ICTA data, the number of...

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Discover the traditional Turkish way of preparing food during the winter months

9th November 2018

Preparing for winter in TurkeyTurks love to prepare for winter, it’s a big part of tradition and culture. They have been preserving fresh fruits and vegetables for centuries. Ensuring supplies of healthy foods are there for the winter months. The preparation of winter foods is also a...

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Save Money On You Heating Bills In Turkey - Reseal Windows

8th November 2018

Resealing Windows Tips and Advice…   Winter has arrived here in Turkey and along with it comes the rain and storms.  A common problem people seem to find is leaking windows, without adequate or sometimes any sealing in place. It’s not that uncommon for windows to leak but...

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Drink Pomegranate Juice Everyday And See How Much Your Health Improves

8th November 2018

  Pomegranate (Nar) season begins here in Turkey. The beautiful pomegranate or Nar as it’s known here, with its jewel like red seed’s is extremely important in Turkey and other Eastern cultures and traditions, as well as their diets. The pomegranate leads back to Persia and is...

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How to gain Turkish citizenship through investment

20th September 2018

As of September 2018 the law on foreigners obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment has changed.Official Gazette Dated September 19 2018 

Issue 30540;

Decision number 106The Republic of Turkey now grants citizenship for –Foreigners who invest $250,000 in immovable property in...

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UPDATE - Limited Liability and Joint Stock Companies In Turkey

13th July 2018

Foreign investors in Turkey may start a new company, make a portfolio investment, participate in a joint venture, purchase part of an existing business or establish a branch subsidiary or liaison office with no greater restriction than a Turkish national. Business activities are regulated by the...

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UPDATE - habitation certificate/amnesty

29th June 2018

Extended until the 31st December 2018 Construction Registration Certificate will be issued for buildings made before 31/12/2017 and if the application for Building Registration Certificate is made by 31/12/2018, the price of Building Registration Certificate will have to be paid by 31.12.2018. If...

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29th June 2018

HAVING A PET IN AN INDEPENDENT SECTIONDue to the rise of condominiums and vertical urbanization that came about with the Republican Period, people started living together.  This brought together many legal problems. One of these, having pets in independent sections has not been resolved for...

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UPDATE - Recent change to the conversion of foreign driving licenses:

10th May 2018

Recent change to the conversion of foreign driving licensesForeign residents who have tried to make an online appointment with the traffic police’s website with the intention of converting their foreign license into a Turkish license, may have noticed that the related link does not work. The...

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Goç Idaresi Launch New App

26th April 2018

  The Directorate General of Migration Management (Goç Idaresi) have just made it easier for foreigners to apply for their residency permits.They have launched a mobile app available via playstore. The app is available in 6 languages.  App for Iphones is coming soon. Here is...

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