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ADALAR İşitme Cihazları Merkezi

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Çankaya Mahallesi İnönü Caddesi Öziş Apt. No:316 Hatay
Izmir, 35030
0 232 231 41 00 0 232 231 41 10 Languages Spoken
English Turkish
Keyword(s): Medical Devices,Hearing Aid
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ADA – One of Turkeys foremost hearing Specialists
- Turkey’s leading experts for hearing care & medical supplies

Do you need to visit a hearing Specialist or know someone who does?

Introducing our experts; The Ada/Adalar group have 4 offices located in Mugla and Izmir.

ADA İşitme Cihazları Merkezi, hearing & testing centre – Located in Mugla- Fethiye
Adalar İşitme Cihazları Merkezi , hearing & testing centre – Located in Izmir - Hatay & Konak

If you think that you might have hearing problems, or are concerned for a loved one, then you can take a hearing test to determine what the problem is and identify what treatment is required. ADA can assist you in obtaining a hearing test and then advise you on the next course of action.

You will be attended to by top hearing care professions, who are highly skilled and trained and will give you a personalized and proficient service, which is approximately 40-50% cheaper, compared to the UK and Europe. Ada İşitme Cihazları Merkezi only sell leading European products, which include;

Sonic Innovations and Phonak Swiss hearing systems.

Whether you need; hearing aid servicing, new batteries, hearing aid fitting or to try a new product, you can rely on the professional services of Ada / Adalar.

The goal of a good hearing specialist is to help ensure your hearing is operating at full capacity.
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