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Fener Mh. Bülent Ecevit Blv. No:58 Muratpaşa
Antalya, 07025
0 242 324 98 98 0 242 324 98 78 Languages Spoken
English Turkish German Russian
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AntModern Private Dental and Mouth Polyclinic is a restorative, cosmetic and implant dental practice. Our specialist staff provides the highest quality dental care for individuals and families. We are able to diagnose, and develop with you a personalized dental plan to meet all your treatment needs as well as your long-term goals under one roof. No effort is spared to ensure that the clinic environment is safe, comfortable and reassuring with the most upoto date techniques and worldwide known dental brand names at affordable prices for everyone.
…. Your comfort, safety and satisfaction as well as your family's, is always our first priority…..

And our mission
İs not only to provide the best dental health education, services and treatment to each of our patients but to go beyond the preservation and maintenance of general dentistry to provide a all-round dental service that incorporates every part of a patients well being both technically and aesthetically.
With our cutting edge technology, creditable principals and forward vision we aim not only to make a difference in the lives of each of our patients but also to be seen as a brand leader in the international world of dental treatment.
By inspiring trust we aim that each patient may keep their teeth in optimal health, comfort, function, and smile with confidence throughout their lifetime.

Why AntModern in Health Tourism?

Getting teeth treatment in Turkey is quite qualified and less cost costly especially than Europe countries. Package pricing and lower expenses of labor force don’t mean the quality is lesser. Low price differences around 60% is still more suitable included treatment fee, flight tickets and accommodation.

If our patients let us know beforehand, we enable their transfers from airport to our center or to their hotels. You may make appointment and hotel transfer demands from our webpage or telephone number.

We work with Insurance Companies. We have contacts with domestic and foreign companies for this objective and make yearly contracts.

AntModern has personnel who speak English, German and Russian and can easily communicate with our patients.

Health Tourism

As is the case in many health branches, also in teeth treatment services many Turkish and foreign patients come to our country from abroad in order to get treatment under the name Dental Tourism. Our patients who want to get treatment and price information before coming to AntModern which is giving service in Antalya may submit their panoramic roentgens to us in roentgen and report sending section in our webpage. You may get information about treatment, time of treatment and price with your roentgens which will be analyzed by our specialist doctors. Dental tourism is a tourism type that offers travelling opportunity besides getting treatment with reasonable prices especially in countries which are focused on teeth treatment. You may get your dental treatment in a tourism heaven like Turkey and at the same time make a short holiday and return your country.



Aesthetic dentistry- after a couple of aesthetic processes, your number of smiling increases.

High and qualified teeth restoration, aesthetic prosthesis (zirconium, laminate veneer, porcelain etc.), whitening etc.


Prosthesis- is a branch of orthopedic dentistry. This operation is applied to correct the gaps that are artificially made instead of teeth that are lost or damaged seriously.


In order for prosthetic bridges made instead of lost teeth, neighbor healthy teeth should be reduced. Implants replace the lost teeth. Without reducing these neighbor healthy teeth, implant is replaced on the area of lost teeth. Implants are long termed and usable. They don’t need any special care.


Surgery is a branch of dentistry but it includes the corrections on the hard and soft tissues of the mouth in order to help the making of prosthesis.


Orthodontic- avoids disorders relevant with teeth, chin- face area; stops and treats progress of current disorders.



Professional mouth hygiene- cleaning of black stains on the teeth, tartar, whitening, teeth cleaning with ultrasound etc.


Whitening- brings back the natural color and shining of the teeth. Professional whitening is made with Zoom system in our AntModern clinic.

Dentist for pregnant women

It includes a special program. AntModern doctors make all necessary treatment and surgeries during pregnancy without causing harm to the health of mother and the baby.

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