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Alanya Dental Center

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Şekerhane Mah Şevket Tokuş Cad No:53
Antalya, 07400
+90 242 511 60 41 +90 242 519 16 58
- alanyadentalcenter@h...
www.alanyadentalcent... Languages Spoken
English Turkish German Russian
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Alanya Dental Centre is a leading dental surgery located in Alanya. With state of the art equipment, highly trained experienced staff and set in a modern clean environment.

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The dentists are trained to the same high standards as Europe and worldwide professionals and are fluent English speaking. They are also fluent in the following languages, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish and German language.
Alanya Dental Centre offers Savings of up to 70% compared to costs in the UK, USA and Europe.
All the dentists at Alanya Dental Centre are members of the Turkish Dental Association ( TDB ).

Dental treatment in Turkey - Due to increasing health costs, European countries started seeking alternative treatment opportunities in other destinations. Turkey provides excellent treatment opportunities by providing services in Medical &Dental Healthcare sector with equal quality, success, efficiency and satisfies economical expectations as well.

Why in Alanya / Turkey ?
There are so many reasons for you to choose Alanya/Turkey as your dental tourism destination.
Here are some of them:

Alanya is the place where Sun Smiles to you.

Turkey follows European Community Health Standards.

As a country engaged in European Community membership talks, Turkey has updated her health standards according to European Community Health Standards.

Same dental treatment for 75% less including the travelling costs.

Turkey is a developing country where it is possible to get the same quality services as in Europe for much less. Our dental education is aligned with universities in Western Europe and USA.

Max 3.5 Hours from any European Destination to Turkey.

About Alanya Dental Center
Alanya oral and dental health is moving forward with its investments and necessary advances to ensure its future. The clinic as a whole has made its goal to continue to putting smiles on our patient’s faces and keeping satisfaction at the highest level possible.

* Honesty
* Quality
* Permanent Trust
* Attention and a Smile
* Tolerance
* Adherence to the rules of ethics
* Respect the rights of the patient
* Doctor-Patient confidentiality respected

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision for the future is to take part in the World platform, keeping high standards, to be informed and in the forefront modern innovations to follow. Provide health services to all patients local and foreign with an equal distance from the highest quality so that patients may continue the smile and feel safe in our vision of the future.

Our Mission

Provide health services to patients from all walks of the world with high-quality services, continuously growing in our efforts to provide more job opportunities, contribute to the national economy by keeping our employees trained so that our clinic can work faster, more luxuriously, comfortably and safe in our mission to continue providing highest quality dental services we can.

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