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Turkey fulfils sultan's dream with tunnel linking Europe and Asia

29th October 2013 Turkey has fulfilled a sultan's dream from 150 years ago by building the world’s first sea tunnel connecting two continents, Europe and Asia.
It was Abdoul Medjid, a sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who first had the ambitious idea to build the tunnel in 1860. However unfortunately, the sultan...
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The EU finally agrees to restart membership talks for Turkey

22nd October 2013 It’s good news for Turkey as the European Union has finally agreed to restart membership talks next month.
After being delayed for over 3 years, the EU's European affairs minister has confirmed the talks would restart again on the 5th of November 2013. 
The EU had previously agreed to...
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Turkey EU future remains in doubt as Brussels seeks Balkan entry

9th October 2013 Reports coming out of Brussels don’t seem to favour dear old Turkey at present. It has been revealed that Egemen Bağış, the main EU negotiator in Ankara firmly believes Turkey would be unlikely to join the European Union. 
This is down to existing attitudes in place from current Balkan...
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