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Good News for Expats as the NHS Supports Free Access to Healthcare Back Home in the UK

30th June 2013 Latest reforms to healthcare in the UK are tightening up on how tourists access free UK healthcare as part of reforms being outlined by Health Secretary next week.
The new way of working means that the government is clamping down on loopholes that allow migrants to access free healthcare, in a...
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Alcohol sales and advertising restrictions fuel the fire for protests in Turkey

29th June 2013 Turkish parliament has approved a controversial law which restricts the sale and advertising of alcohol in Turkey. The Islamist party, known as the AK party says that the law will protect the population. Particularly the young from the harmful effects of alcohol, but the move has caused uproar...
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Tourism carries on in spite of Turkish anti government protests

13th June 2013 Anyone who has booked a trip to Turkey may be alarmed by the recent news of the protests which kicked off in Istanbul two weeks ago. 
However, in spite of all of the drama the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has sought to spread the word that Turkey is still very much a safe holiday...
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Turkish anti government protests continues on after two weeks

12th June 2013  
Turkey has recently hit the headlines as a result of what started as a stance against the Turkish Prime Minster (Recep Tayip Erdogan) plans to demolish Gezi Park in Istanbul.
It all began two weeks ago when a small group of activists set up a camp in the park to protest against its...
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