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Turkish tourism sector to receive major boost thanks to Istanbul 2020 Games

25th July 2013 It’s certainly game on for the tourism industry in Turkey as recent reports reveal that Istanbul remains firmly on track for their Olympic bid.
Competition doesn’t get tougher than hosting this prestigious event and in spite of the anti-governmental demonstrations, Turkey is still on...
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Central bank of Turkey aims to support flagging lira

19th July 2013 It is not quite time to put all your money under the floorboards just yet. However, recent reports have revealed the Turkish lira is still struggling.Turkey’s official Central Bank has been in turmoil amid their objective of propping up the nation’s currency without the need to increase...
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Turkey tightens control over social media

11th July 2013 According to recent reports the Turkish government has requested that 'Twitter', the social media giant, establish a location in the country. 
This comes in the wake of a social media explosion which has been especially prominent during the anti-government protests that have gripped the...
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Taksim Gezi Park closed again after unsuccessful reopening

10th July 2013 ISTANBUL: Just hours after Taksim Square was opened earlier this week, reports have revealed this controversial hub of political protest has been closed once more by the authorities. 
According to numerous sources, police officers have stepped in and within just a few hours were ushering...
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A path to free permanent residence for British Expats living in Turkey

5th July 2013 The British Consulate has just announced a proposed new law set by the government, granting free permanent residence to British nationals that have completed a full 8-year residency in Turkey.
The British embassy has been working with the Turkish government to develop the new law in the lead up to...
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New E-Visa - Are You Ready?

3rd July 2013 In the modern world it seems that soon everything will be done online and the new electronic visa application system is no different.
As soon we’ll all have to make sure we have done our e-Visa applications online before we hop onto the plane to Turkey.
For those of you who don’t...
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New online business directory and information website “” launches in Turkey

2nd July 2013
Last week marked the launch of our brand new “one stop shop” website
Just "YellAli” and he’ll help you find what you’re looking for in Turkey. 
(Ali of course, is our magical genie icon who represents the brand).
On a more serious...
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SGK health scheme - update

2nd July 2013 The new word on the SGk healthcare scheme has just been officially announced. The consulate has released a statement about the new SGK rules and who can apply. So what is the SGK health scheme?
Well under the SGK health insurance you are entitled to free healthcare in state hospitals and clinics....
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