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Is this the Time to Convert Your Spare £s to Lira

30th August 2013 This week the lira reached its lowest level against the pound for 5 years. You can now get over 3 lira to the pound if you exchanged now. So what is driving the level of the lira and why as an expat would you not jump on the back of the weak lira and convert, convert, and convert all...
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Turkish medical tourism sector continues to accelerate

16th August 2013
The medical tourism and cosmetic industry in Turkey is on the rise. The country firmly has its sights on heavy investment into the sector and it is expected to soar whilst boosting the economy.
Reports have revealed that this particular industry has grown by more than 15% in the last three...
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Update: NHS introduces new proposals for access to free healthcare in the UK

8th August 2013 Following our blog post from June 30th outlining proposed NHS reforms for expats, recent developments have warranted a follow up!
This comes direct from the British Consulate in Turkey who has just released a document containing a set of revised NHS strategies. The main objective for this is to...
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