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Turkey’s public stairways become colourful protests

23rd September 2013 Red and yellow and pink and green…
Stairways across Turkey are now a wash with colours, during recent solidarity protests which have spread across Turkey.
The brightly rainbow painted stairways which can be seen across Turkey started in Istanbul when a local man decided to paint the steps...
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Syria Crisis : Where does Turkey Stand?

17th September 2013 So it seems the game might be up for President Assad and his forces. Recent reports have revealed pending intervention from the UN as well as from the Obama administration.
Turkey has been a close ally of the United States but its stance has taken a different position in recent days. It has vexed...
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No Turkish delight as 2020 Olympics goes to…Tokyo!

16th September 2013
BUENOS AIRES: Looks like Turkey won’t be joining David Bowie or Mick Jagger and dancing in the street after all!
The word is out that the 2020 Olympic bid has gone in favour of Tokyo after the IOC vote took place in Argentina this past week.
After defeating not only Turkey but Madrid,...
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Alcohol sales and advertising restricted in Turkey

9th September 2013
The controversial law, which restricts the sale and advertising of alcohol in Turkey, has today been enforced (Sept. 9 2013).
The new regulations state:
• Retailers will no longer be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages between 10 pm and 6 am
• Alcohol sales will be...
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