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Turkey's Central Bank raise key interest rates to defend the lira

29th January 2014 Following the Turkish Central Bank’s emergency meeting yesterday, the bank has decided to raise key interest rates in an attempt to defend the weakening lira. 
It has raised the overnight lending rate from 7.75% to 12%, its one-week repo rate from 4.5% to 10% and increased the overnight...
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Emergency meeting planned as Turkish lira hits new lows

27th January 2014 The sharp fall of the Turkish lira has prompted the Turkish central bank to arrange an emergency Monetary Policy Committee meeting on Tuesday 28th January. The crisis talks for the lira have been set up due to mounting pressure for the central bank to raise interest rates after the lira hit new...
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Draft bill for Internet limitations in Turkey

12th January 2014 The Turkish government has drafted a bill, which will allow the authorities to limit Internet access and monitor the activity of online users in Turkey.The bill will also permit authorities to keep records of all users’ activities for up to two years.The draft bill is an amendment to the...
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New tax increases in Turkey

3rd January 2014 The Turkish Government announced new tax increases on the 1st of January 2014.

The government has increased the amount of Special Consumption Tax imposed on cars, tobacco and alcohol, as well as the Special Communications Tax on mobile phones. The tax increases were announced in the Official...
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