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Turkey to introduce tougher animal cruelty laws

22nd February 2014 

A new amendment to Turkey’s Animal Welfare Act (No. 5199) proposed by the 
Istanbul Bar Association’s Animal Rights Commission will see tougher punishments given to those who purposely harm animals.

Previously, anyone breaking these laws would be fined. However, the new amended bill...
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Turkey’s Internet Bill - Law No. 5651

16th February 2014 Will he or won’t he sign the much anticipated Internet bill? 

The amended Internet bill is currently pending the approval of President Abdullah Gül, who has until Feb. 25 to either sign it into law or veto it.

The draft bill is an amendment to the current Law No. 5651, widely known as...
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Important announcement - Update on SGK

10th February 2014 Latest updates for SGK - All information is from the British Consulate - UKinTurkeyAs a result of the British Consulates discussions with the SGK Directorate and a meeting with the Head of SGK on Thursday 6th February 2014, SGK have proposed a change in the existing rules governing the eligibility...
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Press release regarding evisa - ministry of foreign affairs

2nd February 2014 No: 34, 30 January 2014, Press Release Regarding Visa Applications at the Border Gates of the Republic of Turkey as of 11 April 2014 and the Measures to be Taken During the Transition Period

In accordance with the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No.6458, published on 11 April 2013...
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