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e-Visa Update - 2014

28th March 2014 Latest updates for the Turkish e-Visa - All information is from the British Consulate - UKinTurkeyThe Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs anticipate stopping the visa on arrival system at some point after the 2014 tourist season but no date has yet been formally agreed. They have stated that until...
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Turkey blocks YouTube access

27th March 2014 Twitter was blocked in Turkey on Friday 21st March and today access to YouTube has been blocked. This came into effect a day after a court ordered the suspension of a ban on Twitter. 

Many users in Turkey who are trying to access YouTube are being re-directed to a Turkish message...
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Twitter ban in Turkey to be lifted soon

23rd March 2014 Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul said on Sunday that the government would soon lift its ban on Twitter, which has sparked much criticism in Turkey and abroad.
“It is not legally possible to shut down the Internet and such platforms  (as Twitter),” Abdullah Gul told reporters...
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Turkey blocks access to Twitter

21st March 2014 Twitter is currently blocked in Turkey with most users being re-directed to a statement by Turkey's telecommunications regulator. (TIB)This type of restriction was made legal following the passing of the controversial Internet bill no: 5651The happened just hours after the Turkish prime minister,...
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Fines to be imposed on those advertising alcohol brands on social media platforms in Turkey

7th March 2014 

Turkey’s controversial law, which restricts the sale and advertising of alcohol was enforced last year (Sept. 9 2013). And now the Turkish government is extending this restriction to social media platforms. 

Last year when the restrictive alcohol bill was adopted it caused much controversy...
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