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Tougher animal cruelty laws to be adopted in Turkey

28th April 2014 

Update from YellAli's previous article; Turkey to introduce tougher animal cruelty lawsSome much needed changes were made to the animal rights bill at the Parliamentary Sub-commission on the Environment headed by Justice and Development Party (AKP) Manisa deputy Selçuk...
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Turkey approves controversial MİT law

27th April 2014 
Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül has approved a controversial law which will expand the powers and immunities of the countries National Intelligence Organization (MİT - Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı). Following its adoption in Parliament Gül approved the law on the 25th of April,...
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Turkish residency permit 2014 update

16th April 2014 Update regarding Residency permits, received by the British Consulate. UKinTurkeyThe Turkish Ministry of the Interior “General Directorate of Migration Management (GDMM)” officially commenced operations in Turkey on 14th April 2014. The GDMM will cover all aspects of migration...
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Unofficial e-visa websites – don’t get caught out

13th April 2014 Since the introduction of the new e-visa, thousands of holidaymakers have been successfully applying online for their e-visa's before travelling to Turkey.The new e-visa system has been welcomed by many online users, due to it's simplicity and easy to use interface.(Applicants receive their e-Visa...
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Turkey lifts Twitter ban

3rd April 2014 
The Turkish telecoms authority (TIB) has today lifted a two-week-old ban on Twitter. The Turkish constitutional court had ruled that the ban breached ‘freedom of expression’, and over turned the government’s decision to block the social media giant.The Official Gazette of Turkey...
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