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What next for Turkey and the EU

23rd September 2014 Seven countries, as well as Kosovo, are waiting in the wings to join the European Union.
Kosovo's independence is not recognised by all EU countries, but the EU nevertheless views it as a potential candidate for membership.
Croatia and Turkey started accession talks on 3 October 2005. Croatia...
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Support for EU membership increased in Turkey

16th September 2014 On September 10, 2014 German Marshall Fund released a report titled “Transatlantic Trends 2014”, which includes public opinions about transatlantic partnership.The report also included Turkish public opinion about Turkey and the EU.According to the report “Turkish respondents...
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Health Hotline for Turks Travelling abroad

9th September 2014 Health Hotline for Turks Travelling abroad - Number for You to Remember -24/7 health hotline has been set up for Turkish passenger travelling abroad. The Turkish government has set up a Travel Health hotline that Turks travelling overseas can consult in case of health problems. The hotline can also...
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Travelling to the US from Turkey - Charge your devices!

1st September 2014 Travelling to the US from Turkey. Don’t leave home without re-charging!A new security measure for passengers travelling to the US has been introduced which requires you to recharge your laptops, ipads and mobile phone devices before you fly. This measure having been implemented at British...
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