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Huge Reductions on Turkish Health Insurance

30th October 2015 Great news for expats in Turkey because for the second time this year Groupama Insurance have lowered their premium prices for residence permit health insurance. Groupama’s latest price reduction took effect on 26th October.
The average policy price has been decreased by around 300 Turkish...
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New Communication Center For Foreigners in Turkey - 157

27th October 2015 The Directorate General of Migration Management recently launched it's new Communication Center For Foreigners.The new centre will act as a 'helpline' for foreigners with migration issues. Those needing assistance can dial 157 or +90 312 157 11 22 from outside of Turkey, and be connected directly...
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What time is it ? - Mass confusion in Turkey

27th October 2015 So did we all get an extra hour in bed on Sunday 25th October or didn’t we? If you didn’t that could be because Turkey isn’t putting its clocks back till the 8th November, due to the general election being held on November 1st. However this hasn’t prevented any of the many...
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Turkey Pre-Election Polling Results

23rd October 2015 Sooo... The elections are a upon us. We thought we would share some recent poll analysis from the Royal Bank of Scotland with you, to help you make sense of it all.“One has to be careful with the interpretation of the Turkish polls. Certain pollsters persistently poll certain parties stronger...
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BBC shuts off iPlayer to UK VPNs, cutting access to overseas fans

20th October 2015 The BBC is trying to block access to iPlayer from UK VPNs, crushing the spirits of those overseas hoping to get a fix of Doctor Who and other British telly.Auntie said it instituted the blockade to deter pirates from ripping off its dramas, comedies, documentaries and other programs, which are...
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Turkey 'not concentration camp', won't host migrants permanently: PM

19th October 2015 Turkey is “not a concentration camp” and will not host migrants permanently to appease the European Union, which wants Turkey to stop the flow of people to Europe, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Oct. 19, a day after Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Istanbul to...
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Turkey awaits political demands before implementation of migration deal with EU

17th October 2015 Turkey and European Union have agreed to a “draft” agreement on migrants which will be implemented only after Ankara’s political demands are met by Brussels, Turkish officials said.  Turkey’s conditions, which the EU has agreed to in principle, include the opening of...
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14 countries issue travel warnings for Turkey after Ankara blast

13th October 2015 Fourteen countries have issued security warnings to their citizens thinking of traveling to Turkey concerning the increased risk of terrorism in the country following Saturday's deadly bomb blasts outside Ankara.The countries that have issued travel warnings for Turkey are France, Germany, the UK,...
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Twitter, Facebook inaccessible in Turkey hours after deadly bombing in Ankara

12th October 2015 Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook have been practically inaccessible in Turkey on Saturday, the day a deadly suicide bomb killed at least 86 in Ankara. IT experts note that while the sites weren’t blocked by court order, they were intentionally slowed down to hinder access.Access to...
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Turkey enters 3 days of mourning

11th October 2015 Turkey is beginning three days of mourning after two blasts at a peace rally in the capital Ankara killed at least 95 people on Saturday, the deadliest ever such attack in Turkey.The attack left 245 people injured, with 48 of them in a serious condition.The government called the blasts a "terrorist...
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