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Online Turkish Insurance now a Trusted Solution

23rd February 2015 28,080 individual quotes and 72,770 views of Groupama Sigorta expected as a minimum this year in support of residence permit applications.
Since the launch of YellAli & Groupama Sigorta's online tool (FIT - Health Insurance Foreigners in Turkey) just 3½ months ago we have had over 8,030...
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Men wear miniskirts to protest for women’s rights in Turkey

22nd February 2015 Not a typical fashion statement however men in Turkey have taken to wearing mini skirts in a stand to show their support for womens rights.The protest, which has seen vast media coverage, was sparked by the horrific murder of the 20-year-old student Ozgecan Aslan. The young girl brutally murdered...
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YellAli launches Turkey in a Nutshell

17th February 2015 YellAli has recently launched Turkey in a Nutshell ©, a helpful guide created for tourists visiting Turkey.The guide containing useful information such as, Passport Guidelines, Emergency telephone numbers, visa information, Embassy contact, tourist advice, as well fun and interesting...
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New Draft bill paths the way for foreign employment in Turkey

12th February 2015 A new draft bill on employment for foreigners has been presented to parliament.The new draft bill that regulates permission for foreigners to work in Turkey, if approved will widen the job sector in which foreigners may work and could make it easier for foreigners to acquire work permits in...
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Turkish Lira Falls to Record Low

12th February 2015 The Turkish lira has dropped to an all time low against the US dollar. The central bank has come under continued pressure to cut interest rates and reduce inflation. Lower inflation being seen as a key requirement for continuing economic growth, which is expected to fall to 6.2% in 2015.The lira...
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Important Updates

11th February 2015 Consular officials represented the British Embassy at a meeting organised by the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) in Ankara on 9 February. The purpose of the meeting was to showcase the work of the DGMM and to inform those foreign diplomatic missions with a high number of...
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Growing middle class driving luxury brand expansion in Turkey

10th February 2015 Turkey’s fast-growing luxury market
Over the past decade, international luxury houses and high-street brands have made a beeline for Turkey due to its rapidly growing economy.
A high proportion of Turkey’s high-end market is concentrated in Istanbul, where European culture and...
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What will Erciyes and St. Moritz have in common?

9th February 2015 Erciyes races to the top in ski tourism.
An investment of 300 million from kayseri metropolitan municipality will see Erciyes become a world class sky resort which may even rival St. Moritz.
Turkey's leading sky resort; 'Erciyes', is to become one of the worlds most exclusive sky resorts after...
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Strength of the Turkish economy – Update for month of December 2014

3rd February 2015 Strength of the Turkish economy – Update for month of December 2014

The Turkish Statistical Institute provides an update on a monthly basis on the Turkish economy, outlined below is a selection of indicators that are of interest to foreign residents and investors in Turkey. December 2015...
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